Thursday, July 9, 2009

Alright I`m doing it

I`ve been asked to do this countless times so here it is :

What have I been up to, well for the last 4 days I`ve had a cold.
Today I went to the Motor Registry and registered the cars. Both of them. I did the easy bit, Adele arranged all the inspections etc required to get them registered, all this has made me go well why don`t we lease a car? gonna look into it next time they have the option at work.

Before that I was doing a week of Cisco ICND1 training which when I do my test and pass it I`ll have a qualification, so i`ll have a piece of paper that says I actually know what I`m talking about for once. Then it`s ICND2 training at some stage. Which means i`ll have my CCNA. Yay. Then at some stage we`re doing Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician(MCDST) so more qualifications. Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) is also looming in the distance. So i`ll do it if work pays for it.

Now not much else been happening, it`s Cold. Mary, Al, Clare and Shane can all atest to this after coming for Clare`s admission to the courts as a Solicitor/Barrister, i`m probably getting this all wrong anyway.

Anyway, what has been amusing me : The Sunjar :
How to Peel An Egg Quickly :

- Damn have to make sure Adele watches that one for my next egg in a cup.

How to Peel a Banana Easily :

- Who knew I`d been doing it wrong all these years.

Alice & Kev :
With the release of Sims 3 comes this blog, it`s basically a story about 2 homeless Sims. It`s quite amusing and has been keeping me coming back for a daily dose :
Alice & Kev

And finally a Swine Flu pic :
So that`s about it really. Bye.