Monday, July 28, 2008

Eat your Peas

Well, he usually does it, but tonight I got video of it Check it out :

So he is a good boy really, just doesnt like it when its mixed with Beef, not a real danger to the cattle industry round here, but the fishing may go to pot as he enjoyed a lobster bisque last night.

Worked today, not terribly exciting, doing some phone patching tomorrow to try and arrange seating for our area. Should be fun :)

Alright, nighty night. Bye.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

New Post

Damn, I`m slack, but seeing my Niece has managed to create a blog and my mother has even updated her`s whilst flitting around the country I guess its time to do mine.

Had a great time at the engagement party, and also staying with my sister was both convenient and cheap, Woohoo. Good to see my family and esp my nieces and nephew. Party was great, got to see a couple of cousins I havent seen in Years, and also my aunt who I havent seen in just as long. Party went long and hard, plenty to drink and eat(Yes quality control is a burden I carry)

Got a lift back with Amy(one of the sister`s, the one I predict will end with cats), forgot how well all of my sisters can drive :?. My sister-in-law dropped us at the airport Monday afternoon, Very impressed with her driving skills(looks like a big xbox game to me, but dont really want to try out the hand controls).

Batman on Tuesday....OMFG if Heath doesn`t deserve an oscar for that one, dont know what the oscars are for then. IT IS AWESOME. Highly recommended(Side note, yes Kirsty Sex and the City is done and winging its way to you hopefully tomorrow).

Back to the cold of Canberra though, was -5 when I left on Wednesday morning to go to work (@ 6:30), had to be in Sydney at Optus to view their Network Operations Centre and Data Exchange. Was -4 on Thursday, Holy Geez, sometimes I wonder, then I think of the Takeaway, and think God I love Canberra. So the Operations Centre in Sydney is simply amazing, I would love to work there, would be a little long on the commute, and yes I was the one with the full bladder arriving into Sydney, i`m sure my co-workers are enjoying finally having something to give me hell about.

Friday an average day.

Weekend, Umm, Paul came over yesterday, still no job for Paul, but I`m sure he is trying.

Today went to the Hospital to visit the Great Aunt who is 90 next weekend. Adele reckons I`m pre-booked for the whole weekend. Buggar.

Anyway, bed time now I guess, so now you can stop leaving me comments to update, I`ll be back tomorrow. Aight. Bye.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Holidays Yay

So 5 days off, good stuff, Congrats to Al, he`s finished for a while anyway.

Stoopid neighbours parked in front of our garage this arvo again, unfortunately they moved it before I arrived home, so I couldn`t take it out on them, dammit, have to arrive home earlier.

So tomorrow we go to Ballina via Sydney, then off to Brisbane for my Sisters engagement party, 1 more to go.....AMY GET TO IT or I bring Tyrone back for you :).

Will Blog when I get back, Adele is just about to take the feral down to her parents house for the weekend, god help them cause Prinny is still staying with them and we know how much he loves the puppy dog.

Bit disappointed, Pets Paradise have Miniature Schnauzers for sale at the moment but we cant afford one right now, so we`ll have to wait(HINT HINT any rich relo`s reading this :)).

Alright, Will see all the Fam on Saturday night. Bye

Monday, July 14, 2008


Mutant Chronicles :
A Post Apocalyptic/Steam Punk Sci-Fi story, what it should have done is donated the money used for production to the homeless and starving children in Africa, the story jumps around for an hour and a half, then ends. Haven`t quite worked out what the actual point of this movie is yet. I feel I would have preferred to see Thomas Jane as the punisher again. Ah well, we`ll see if the new Punisher is any good in November.

The Happening :
My God, I think M. Night Shymalan may be insane, his last good movie was Unbreakable, it was only considered mildly good, his last Good movie was The Sixth Sense. The Happening is an hour and a half of my life I want back, this is not a good movie at all, nothing is really explained, lots of things happening but nothing much actually done. I think Adele may agree on this one. Oh well on to the Love Guru tonight, well we`ll see if we can actually find time to watch it.

I have watched this weeks new Top Gear straight from the UK. Not bad, still got it :).
Well I havent got much else to say, Back to School for my Nieces tomorrow, enjoy it girls, cause one day you`ll have to work for a living, and quite frankly thats just boring, school is fun....well funish when compared to working :). Alright, Bye.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Nemesis no more ???

Nemesis no more, went out for a smoke this morning, and found the kitten, sharing a rest space with Nemesis Kitty, so do we need a change of name to Best Friend Kitty?
Now for the bad news, Mary, the frogs are dead :
I`ll attempt to repair with superglue, we`ll see how it goes.

So Prinny spent the weekend(prinny is short for Princess, now her name is actually Sandy apparently but gets called Prinny). Now she is cute, but barks so not the best dog in the world but nice enough I guess.
Kitty really didnt like having the dog here, he was very scared, spent most of the time underneath our bed. He did go out yesterday, he came home late last night, and he had some tufts of fur which we thought was just stress from having the dog here, but turns out he`s been fighting, I pulled a cats claw out of his head a while after he came home, he seems alright, but well he`s a lover not a fighter as Mary so kindly put it, so I worry about him, nothing like Misty, who woulda had all the cats in the neighborhood under his command by now.

So it was a lazy Sunday thankfully, got to relax for most of the day and watch old episodes of Top Gear. Should be watching The Happening tonight. I watched Mutant Chronicles today, its a pre-release(hasnt come out at the cinema yet) I`m hoping they fix it before release as its not fantastic.
Had to buzz into work briefly to sort out some seating arrangements for tomorrow, we have a new staff member starting tomorrow, so should be fun :)

Anyway we roll over on our plan tomorrow so back to DSL 2+ speeds :) so we both should be updating our blogs more regularly. Anyway I`m outta here. Bye

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Slack, but busy

Just got home from a 12 hour overnight shift last night, basically i`m high on sleep deprevation as I`ve now been up for over 24 hours.

When I got out this morning I was greeted by this :
Frozen car, yes it was -5 degrees this morning. So i 'll be heading to sleep soon...very soon. So busy week, I won an award :
Nothing major, and they have Dan Tyson on it, but ah well, its a nice frame anyway.

We got our cars registered yesterday, did a changeover of license for Adele(She is now a NewSouthWelshwoman), transferred the Commodore from ACT to NSW rego, and also transferred Adele`s Mirage into her name and also from ACT to NSW rego, so we are all now legally NSW residents again. The bonus is because we got the cars registered at the same time is that we actually got consecutive number plates :

So nice and easy to remember registration now :).

More to say but drunk on no sleep, I`ll leave Adele to update you on more, possibly on her Blog today, unfortunately the net is slow cause I kinda burned through our 40Gb limit this month pretty quickly, which is why we havent really updated our Blogs this week. We do still have 100Gb left of our off-peak internet left, but unfortunately this is only between 3am and 9am, so gotta be up early to get what you want(I got Love Guru kim ;))
Anyway, I`m outta here, bed, Bye.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Titans have a stare off

So today they finally saw each other :
Took a crowbar and great strength to pull Azrael off the balcony, but I was up to the challenge :). I was fortunate enough to actually have the Camera in the office today, usually its downstairs.
Nemesis Kitty (as it shall now be known) was just as interested in Azrael, now Azrael was late home tonight(were they playing? fighting? organising world domination?) so he is cold and hungry, he constantly wants the sachets of food now that he has had it a couple of times, no kitty its a treat.

Work was fine, am now a signatory for the social club, was going to pull out last week, but another member has pulled out and I was requested to stay by the entire committee(apparently I organised in 1 meeting what they had been trying to do for 3 months?!?!) so I`m organising hot dog day for Friday(leave me in charge and it`ll be crap food galore boys and girls).

I have proven my point over expenditure on the video cards from last week, I have found a fix, but unfortunately, its about $400 worth(At least not another $2000) to fix it, ah well, i`m trying to live by the APS code of conduct and deliver value for money, but these idiots keep blowing it.

Anyhoo, thats me for tonight. Food, some Top Gear re-runs and then bed I think, I did show Adele, Richard Hammond`s crash from a year or 2 ago, she was most impressed. A`ight, Shout out to Natalie(My Niece), hope you feel better. Bye.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Food & Nemesis

Final left over from last night`s post, This is Steve`s other "Food", the nice pet shop man said to put half a dozen of these little fish for when we went away, known to us as Flash fish, after Flash the fish who we once had, sadly flushed down the sink(the memory is there Kirsty, LOL, I`m like an elephant). We put 6 in when we went to Port Douglas and when we got back there were 4 left, I got them out of the tank and they have been in the fish tank ever since. I think we got a potential breeding program here, Survival of the fittest.Saw Azrael`s nemesis today, got a photo of him in the neighbours window sill, strange, this is exactly the same position in our house that Azrael likes to sit in :
Next time I see him in there I`m gonna get kitty and show him the other cat, should cause some interest, although we`ve always thought Azrael had some vision issues. Ah well we`ll see. Anyway not much else, halfway through the Season Finale of Dr Who, watched it at Danny`s. Drove Adele`s car, not bad, at least it has more grunt than her crappy old Mazda(the old white one).
I did meet the neighbour, his name is Wayne, that was briefly this morning, with me still in pj`s, bathrobe and ugg boots, didnt say much. National Treasure 2 was pretty good, Adele managed to last the whole way through this time, We`re gonna try and watch The Happening at some stage this week. Alright, enough from me. Bye.

Saturday, July 5, 2008


Adele introduced Steve on her Blog the other day so I thought I`d give him a better introduction, Steve is a Yabbie,

which is actually an Australian crayfish, in the wild they are usually brown but in aquariums can go all sorts of colours. Apparently they can live for up to 10 years and grow up to 30cm long depending on the tank, Steve we got on the day that Steve Irwin died :(. We actually got 2 yabbies Steve and Irwin, but Steve ripped irwins arms off and so we had to seperate them,
but we did find out that they grow their nippers back, this usually happens after he sheds his skin, yes they shed it whole, now if you`re not quick enough to remove it, they will devour the skin, I`m afraid Irwin was a little too traumatised and died shortly after starting to grow back his arms. But we`ve had Steve for a fair while and he will usually rear up at the side of the tank if he see`s you.

So there you have it, He basically eats these little pellets, which appear to be just dried up prawns, a few veggies, but he also is partial to some frozen bloodworm. He gets a pellet every day and a half to 2 days.

This is Kitty just chilling in one of his favoutite spots :
Kitty Wanting to go out :

So Adele picked up her new car today, its very nice, going to give it a thorough going over tomorrow. Went and saw her aunt in Calvary hospital, she has now moved, to be close to the rehabilitation people.

So thats it really, Adele fell asleep in National Treasure so we`re gonna give it another go tonight.
Alright i`m outta here Peace Out. Bye.

Friday, July 4, 2008


So, 2 days off now,WOOHOOO.
I`m not going to cave to the famous "5 faves for friday" craze.
I have so many things I rely on that it would be unfair for the rest of my gadgets and they would gang up on me and refuse to work if I take sides.

Was going to watch The Happening tonight, but its stuck at 99% so watching National Treasure 2 instead.Top Gear season 11 is great, love it very much unfortunately only 6-8 Episodes a year is not enough.

Those of you who noticed my link on the left, its a link to my spreadsheet of DVD`s so you can now access it, I will keep it updated so anyone who wants a christmas/birthday hint there you go, basically rules are : If its a TV series and I have got a couple but not finished BUY ME ANY OF THE REST OF THE SERIES. If its a movie, it should be on the list of movies to get, if unsure ask Adele, but dont believe her if its a romantic comedy she tells you to buy.

Adele has been chasing the kitten around all night trying to get a photo for her 5 Friday Faves, but I think by the time she got a photo, he wasn`t even close to being a favourite :).

Adele will be picking up her car this weekend, Yay, no more car pooling for her. Don`t know what i`m gonna do all weekend, but i`m sure Adele has something planned. Anyhoo, I`m off, time for food. Bye.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

M'kay, so I felt like crap on Tuesday, so I stayed at home.

Felt crappy Wednesday but went to work anyway, came home, Blues lost the series. That`s the end of that game.

Spent today looking at video cards, for our PC`s at work we have 2 monitors on our PC`s currently, we need a third, so someone ordered dual head cards, but as PCI-E not PCI, basically one is much easier to configure, and now you can have either our current setup or you can have a dual-head card, basically meaning we are exactly where we started and you can only have 2 monitors.

So on Tuesday night I made home made donuts, cause I can :

There were more, but they are so good warm, mmmm donuts.

Azrael has some competition, people have moved into number 2 next door and they have bought a cat with them, a black and white one, I saw it sunning itself on their top floor window sill, very similar to another kitty I know. Dunno if they`ve met around the hood yet, but they have let it out cause I saw it the other night near our car. Misty woulda had its hide nailed to the shed door by now, but I digress.

Anyway, thats it, you`re all caught up now, gonna see about some food. Bye.