Thursday, October 30, 2008

Special Post for Sam

Which Uncle do you think rocks the most? (Trick question I know)
Well how about, Which Uncle is burning Star Wars : The Clone Wars for his Nephew and sending it with 5 episodes of the Star Wars : The Clone Wars TV Show??

I Know it`ll take a lot to answer that seeing Kim is such a pirate. Speaking of which, crap forgot to ring him.....hmm do you reckon I can lie and say I called him, but got no answer?? might sneak it in.

Anyway Mary arrives for 5 days tonight, got the next 5 days off work, apparently we`re hitting DFO to see whats there, I guess I`m going to hold shopping bags.

Alright take care Kids. Bye.

Monday, October 27, 2008

I Challenge Y'all

How good is that score, Mary I need a new game, its addictive.

Anyway, the weekend, got a Whipper Snipper, was sick of borrowing Adele`s Dad`s cause I can never get the damn thing started, its easy for him, I just can`t do it, so I got an electric one, it is freaking awesome.
Did some spraying around the house for spiders etc. so hopefully that`ll protect us for a while.

Back to work today, the wife isnt feeling too well so i`ll go cook dinner shortly, maybe just one quick game of Bubbles.

Cya Bye.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Meet Barry

Barry is the newest addition to the Tyson Menagerie, he is actually rather tiny considering how big Steve used to be, be good fun watching him grow up, i`ll post more shots as he grows.

This is my top score on that game on Mary`s blog, was quite proud of myself, i`ll probably feel dumb when someone beats it with no problems but this is my best at the moment, i`m quite addicted to it.

Now to continue the IWOOT theme from the last couple of posts :
So everyone knows I do like National Lampoon`s : Christmas Vacation. If you click the link there is a variety of Christmas Vacation related merchandise you can buy(Jello of the month club, Moose Eggnog cups) or if you want head over to a shop and buy me the DVD, I don`t actually have it and it is one of my fave`s.

Now to get into a Plush theme :
Amazon actually has a whole heap of plush Alien Toys, above is a sample :).

For those of you cool enough to recognise the above, I`ll have a Killer Rabbit from Monty Python`s Quest for the Holy Grail.

Now I thought these were cute :

Available in 3 different types.

So anyway, I`ve been busy at work and with Adele`s aunt etc moving her out of her house and into the "Aged Care Facility" they`re not called nursing homes now I have been told. Mary is coming next week, I`m trying to get days off but we`ll see how it goes. Haven`t told her we`re actually going out the Saturday Night she is here yet, but we figure she`ll be right, we`ll just tell her to book Donna in to come see her out here, the house is hers for the night, We`re off to see David Strassman for Ted E Bare`s final tour.

But anyway, time for My Own Worst Enemy(new show from the US staring Christian Slater) then could be NCIS time as a new one has just about finished.

Alrighty, Catch you later. Bye.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Saturday Tales

Continuing the IWOOT Theme for Christmas Ideas :
I believe a single stock from a company would be a good idea(Unless of course the rich relatives i`ve never met, want to buy me a 1000 or more), Coke, Microsoft Anything will do I reckon(except Apple cause they suck{I`m looking at my sister-in-law here}).

I already have an acre of land on the moon, what I really need is an acre on Mars and Venus, thus I begin my intergalactic domination. I`m not too sure on the legality of this, but I like the idea anyway, its not as if i`ll ever really get to view it. although if I ever get round to it, I can actually show you a high res shot of my land on the moon, it`s black.

I would also like a star named after me, what better way to show how much of a star I am.

I also think that Laird and Lady Tyson has a nice ring to it, It`s a legal name classification(though fairly useless), it`s also a hereditary title, so any offspring would be the future Laird or Lady Tyson, I`d be classed as a Scottish land owner, then I can get my Kilt, Sporrin and Bag Pipes.

Since we moved out of Stirling, I haven`t actually been able to find my original Leatherman, so I`m at a bit of a loss, I used to use if for everything, now I`m kind of at a loss.

Wouldn`t mind one of the above for my Desk at work

Tells someone how you like your Tea/Coffee. Thought this was a good idea.

So, Saturday was fairly boring/relaxing, still looking for any excuse to take smoking up again, I have SMS`d the quit line and they said they are sending me a QUIT pack. So maybe some free patches?? they`re damned expensive, its pretty much the same as smoking, but obviously with a patch, you don`t get the satisfaction or enjoyment from having the cigarette.

Kitty has been playing with Nemesis Kitty from next door, I think a change of name to BFF Kitty, as they seem to be great mates. There is a dead bird in our yard, that we couldn`t agree on who killed it, Azrael seemed fairly satisfied with himself, so it may be our little boy has gotten his first kill.

Spent the rest of the day watching Bathurst qualifying, and I did find out an interesting fact, Jesus is a Holden fan, judging from the fact that the Jesus racing team drives a Commodore. Sorry still not enough to get me back to a church people.

As you can tell from the variety and quantity of the IWOOT things added today, I spent a fair amount of time in here in the computer room, whilst Adele and co. were being creative downstairs last night, so all was not in vain.

Alrighty then, time to cook a bbq, got beer for tomorrow, I started a trend of getting absolutely rip roaring drunk on Bathurst day last year, and intend to follow up this year :).

That is all, Good Night. Bye.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Theme continues, what better than a couple of Blue`s Brother`s Rubber Duckies for the bath :
Day 4 of no smoking, ready to kill someone, this could be a good thing or a bad thing, haven`t decided yet.

My lovely wife bought me Iron Man(Metal Man to you Kirsty, you philistine) in Blu-Ray as my first Blu-Ray movie, Yay, looks good in full 1080P. Love my Sony TV.

Peace of Mind have come through with $489 for the Omni TV, but we are still short $80 odd dollars, as they are saying this is for servicing the tv. Now it says nothing in our warranty booklet about "servicing" the tv, so basically they picked a bad week to get me on, as not smoking has really fired up my argument skills. Now once JB HiFi open at DFO, we will take a trip out to see what we can get as an opening special in the 32" range, i`d like to get a 32" with 1080P resolution as i`d like to keep the resolution but at this stage my price doesnt extend to the amount they want, so fingers crossed for a good opening special.

Anyway, Adele is entertaining a few hundred ladies tonight so I will be hiding here in the office for a while. Alright time to watch some Mythbusters. Bye.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Paint, Christmas, and Boring Tulips

Well, Christmas draws ever closer, so to continue the Iwoot theme :
I believe I would be a great Action Star, and to Celebrate this I would like my own personalised Action Figure Yes I would be awesome, and you can buy extra`s to give to friends and family, basically anyone else who could benefit from my Awesomeness.

Paint. We have finally decided on paint colours :
The Ecru Half Strength will be going on Doors(as a gloss) Walls(as a matte) and the Hog`s Bristle Full will be going on Door Frame`s, Skirting Boards etc. Big Up`s to Adele`s parents for finalising(and partly....well mostly financing) the paint choices.

We did the Tulip Gardens on Saturday, As you can all imagine this was not really the highlight of my weekend. For photo`s see Adele`s Blog she also went to Floriade, but we all know that you can have too many tulips, so I declined the honour of going to Floriade.

I have given up smoking, as of today, its day one, the first one to comment about this will be the cause of me taking it back up again, I don't want to hear congratulations, encouragement, nothing, no comments, no emails, no phone calls, no text messages, messenger pigeons, smoke signals. NOTHING. The first one to mention it will be forever branded as the iceberg who sank the Titanic, I will go and buy a pack at the first moment someone mentions it. CLEAR PEOPLE???

Right. Thats about it, I reckon, Shout outs to the bro/sis-in-law O/S. A big hoi hoi to Natalie, good work on updating your blog, we need more. AJ gets a pat on the back, whats that 2 posts inside a week, are you fatigued now???

As Adele just ate my chips, I`m gonna see if there is anything else to munch upon. Thats it. Bye.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Christmas is Coming

Time to start getting the IWOOT(I Want One Of These, Different in Context to WOOT, which is a meme in itself) stuff out in the open as we`re now on the downhill slide to christmas. Yay!!!!! I had a whole heap of these but since the computer crash I havent been able to get my favourite links back, so I`ve been trying to remember them, here`s 1 :

Storm Trooper Hoodie(also comes in Boba Fett style, I will accept that as an alternative)

The next one I remember is one Adele appreciated as well :

That is all for now, as usual click on the pic to go to the website to order them.

BTW I`m still open to any and all DVD`s, preferably check with Adele first, and refer to the list on the right for updates of DVD`s I own. Blu-Ray is always acceptable as well.

Can`t really think of anything else to say tonight. Peace out. Bye.