Friday, May 29, 2009

On a Blog Roll

Ok, so i`ve done 3 posts in a week, no i`m not ill, just sitting here waiting for stuff to finish downloading. So whats entertained me :

Reminds me of Big

I`ve now watched Most of Miami Ink(Need the DVD`s thinking it`s worth buying them). I`ve watched all of LA Ink up to end of season 3, waiting for season 4 now and i`ve watched all of London Ink up to the end of Season 2, now waiting for season 3. When I was getting tattoo`d, Lugh the artist said that one of his Tattoo mates has told him he is filming Sydney Ink. So when I came home I jumped straight on the net and found the info, I`m definitely going to have to apply for this :). See Link for details.

Ok, now I did buy a Snuggie/Cosie/Cuddly/Slanket. But I draw the line at the wearable towel :
"It`s the Towel with arm holes"

Mandatory Swine Flu Shot (It`s getting harder to find these):
Piglet`s mate`s are starting to feel a little paranoid now.

One gripe from this week, i`ve now seen a car driving round Queanbeyan twice with the License plate : Rolls, My gripe is not with the personalised number plate its the fact that it's Rolls on a Mercedes. Dammit you can`t afford a rolls get over it. Owner of the car if you`re reading this : CHANGE YOUR LICENSE PLATE.

Now those of you who are old enough will remember a little gem from the 80`s called V.
I personally remember it, but only from episodes I managed to watch without my parent`s finding out. Well they`re remaking it :

Ok, I`ve been to watch a few movies in the last month, Fast and Furious (BORING & full of plot holes), Monster`s Vs Aliens (Decent movie, can`t wait for it on DVD in 3D) & Finally Star Trek, for those of you who don`t read my Tweets, Basically I loved this movie, JJ has done a massively excellent job, for those interested here is the trailer :

Now I also watched the new X-Men Origin`s : Wolverine movie. Whilst it was a good movie, it wasn`t anywhere near on the scale of Star Trek, I highly recommend Star Trek as a good Action Movie, not even as a Trekkie movie.

Hold up, just found this :

Its a short that aired in the previews for Bolt.

Alright that`s it, i`m bored and Azrael needs feeding. Bye.

Getting Tattoo`d

Ok, so my tattoo was a long time coming, it took 2 months to get in to get it done. After speaking to alot of people who had tattoo`s I decided to go to Tattoo Power at North Lyneham
Tattoo Power

In the process of being tattoo`d

The Photo & The Tattoo

So finally its done, I have my tattoo, surprisingly with my fear of needles, this all went extremely well, It`s actually not that painful(I`m a wuss remember) after the first half hour it kind of went numb and the only parts I felt after that was the shading. All up the tattoo cost me a total of $350. Now it doesn`t seem to be the done thing in our family to get Tattoo`s but then i`m not really one of the "in" crowd in our family so I like it.
Now the big question would I do it again?
Yes, definitely, already planning my next one. I like tattoo`s, i`ve listened to all the people tell me that I shouldn`t get any and for once i`m going to do what I want to do and continue, at this stage the only hurdle is cost and recovery time. It`s not scabbing over as i`ve been told it would by people(well not the tattoo artist). It`s healing nicely not very sore at all. So that`s it really. Talk to you all later. Bye.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Again, It`s Been a long While

Still I`ve blogged more often than Kim, Woot.

So it`s mainly been work and sleep. Took Ellie to the Hairdresser today(Dog Hairdresser) and she has been clipped and bathed, I`m covered in Dog Hair currently, waiting for Adele to get home, then i`m sure she`ll either blog or tweet some shots. She looks very much like a Miniature Schnauzer right now, instead of a little scottish terrier or something.

So tomorrow morning brings the pain, I`m finally getting my Misty Tattoo :). So i`ll be a little sore tomorrow arvo I reckon. For those of you interested, this is the shot i`ll be getting Tattoo`d :
It`ll be in Black and Grey with his distinctive green eyes in colour.

So, what has amused or entertained me this week :
This version of "Landslide" :

Good Job Kiddies :

Background story from the Brooklyn Rail by Sophie Gilbert:

In a school where more than three quarters of the students are eligible for free lunch, the lyrics of the song have resonance, and the performance is haunting, emotive, and delivered with far more soul than one might expect from a bunch of fifth-graders. As Breinberg plays, he makes eye contact with the kids, coaxing performances from them and letting them enjoy themselves. Later, Davoya, one of the chorus members, explains how he does it. “At first, when I sang, I had no emotion,” she says. “I didn’t move. But Mr. B taught me to sing with feeling. With feeling and heart.”

Offsite Link

Now that`s a big Donut.

This Weeks Swine Flu Pic :
Get well soon piglet.

That`s right kiddies, Riverdale`s most eligible bachelor will soon make a choice, 65 years in the making, Archie Andrews is set to get married :
Read this Article for more details.

Now some interesting reviews can be found on Amazon :
1st : the Three Wolf T-Shirt
2nd : 1Gallon of Milk
There`s hours of good reading there in those reviews.

So that`s about it, i`ll tweet/blog tomorrow whilst I recover from a heavy needling.

See y`all Bye.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

It`s Been a While

So tired, need a holiday, Someone Else needs to get married.....oh buggar. Umm more specific? In Australia, somewhere close by so I can afford to go. Batemans Bay anyone??? romantic as all hell I hear.

Anyway, been to the movies twice in 2 weeks, unfortunately by myself both times, I saw :
Fast and Furious last week, Verdict : I saw it so you don`t have to, save your money.
Monsters Vs Aliens this week, Verdict : Way Cool, wish Adele had watched it with me, also wish I had the car booked in at Belconnen so I could have watched it in 3D, still I`ll probably get it on DVD in 3D.

I`m totally planning to take Adele to see Wolverine at some stage this week, we`ll see when.

So cool video`s I saw this week :

I really like the fact the dude on the end of the drive thru manages to get all of it in one go.

Also another Britain`s Got Talent entry, this made me chuckle :

EMBED-Stavros Flatley - Britains Got Talent - Watch more free videos

Some interesting pics this week :

(Remember to click on the pic to make it bigger)
That`s about it really, next door`s puppy is giving me the irates, it can wake me up through a brick wall, a closed door and a set of ear plugs.

So, it`s comedy Tuesday, so time to watch some Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, Rules of Engagement & Two and a Half Men, Bye.