Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Still Depressed

Does it get any better, Hope so, at least my little brother is off enjoying himself, have fun.
Still I have a wonderful wife to come home to, can`t wait for the weekend.

That is all. Bye.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

All Trained out

Depressed, never thought i`d be disadvantaged for being too good at work, oh well them`s the breaks. :(

Still this cheered me up :


Monday, August 18, 2008

Training, Training

Training today, sort of pointless in that its training us for what our Business Manager wants us to be, but we kinda can`t provide most of the stuff without high level intervention at a national manager level to get the other teams involved. So its basically a 2 day bludge.

Well, continuing to watch the olympics, pretty much not much else.
Prinny has gone home now, so Azrael is enjoying his quiet house again, he did just escape into the night, so won`t be home till all hours apparently.

Well, thats about it for today, Catch you all next time. Bye.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Weekend Again :)

It`s the weekend again, Yay.
I spent the day chasing down a doctor`s appointment to get more Nexium, Damn govt wont allow any longer than 2 months worth of prescriptions, Grrrr.

I ended up in Phillip, so of course I had to check out Video Ezy whilst I was there :). So, I have now updated the DVD List, not too much exciting, mainly just older movies.

We did watch Iron Man last night, Michael a copy is in the mail for you (well it will be on Monday). It is way cool, unfortunately its a full screen VHS rip, so looking forward to the DVD to be released so that I can watch it in a bit better quality and also in Widescreen. But all in all, a great movie.

Adele just bathed Prinny, ready for Granny Rob and Grandpa Paul to come home from Norfolk Island tomorrow, Yay Kitty gets the house back to himself. Hopefully they checked out the cheapest Lego in the world, whilst they were there ;).

Anyway, time for a bit of Burn Notice and Psych tonight :). Hmm, Food would be good as well I reckon, Cya next time. Bye.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Steve is Dead

Unfortunately, Steve the Yabbie is no more :~(. Steve was my longest lived yabbie yet, he died sometime yesterday. We got Steve on the day that Steve Irwin died. We`ll miss Steve, well, I will, I`m sure Adele has a soft spot for him as well. Well long live Steve.

That`s All Goodnight. Bye.

Monday, August 11, 2008

New Post

Well, new week, so tired already, when`s the weekend due again??

Anyway Kitty spent the night in the cupboard, note the hungry jacks bag he likes to sleep on in the bottom, obviously he found an even more comfortable place to sleep.
So from reading Kirsty`s blog looks like she`s getting an SLR, nice work, Jealous but then I don`t really use the camera as much as she does, so enjoy it Kirsty, the Nikon`s are great camera`s.

Olympic`s continue except for a slight hiccup yesterday with the AFL, bloody fairy footy, what the hell do we want to watch that for, whinging bloody victorians. Still we`re getting some medals, but don`t think its going to be an overly outstanding olympics, I think we`re in for a little bit of disappointment in the pool, etc. Couple of questions, was it just me or did Sonia Kreuger just look like a "painted lady"(u know what I mean) dressed up before the opening ceremony, I mean wtf is she there for, last time I checked Ballroom dancing isn`t an olympic event, for that matter, what is Tom Williams doing commentating on the kayaking??? anyway Olympics rant over.

Well good to see Kirsty updates her blog regularly, Nat, Aj, Mary I`m looking in your direction, Nat did you get stuck on the bible?? Is that why you haven`t updated?? Here`s a tip just skip to the new testament, most of the old stuff just has Begat every second word and most of the stuff at church is from the new testament.

Aight. Peace, i`m out. Bye

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Back to work in the morning

Weekend is nearly over, heading to bed now. Been a slightly interrupted weekend what with having to work yesterday, whilst I wont have quite enough for a PS3 from 5 hours of overtime the wife tells me I can spend it all on me :). We`ll see how that eventuates.

Anyway, did nothing much today, slept in till 10, Adele had put the crockpot pancake on last night and our cool new timer we purchased at Ikea on the way back from Clare and Shane`s was put into use finally, next time we`ll make sure to oil the crockpot, but it still turned out quite edible and we`ll be using the high setting next time.

We then watched Olympics for some of the day, did an expedition to the supermarket for smokes, then dropped into Video Ezy to peruse their "sale" not much of a sale if you ask me, I remember when DVD`s were only new and you could actually pick up a bargain at these things. Civic video wasn`t any better either. Dropped some Dry Cleaning in then home.

Had a big lunch then had a snooze whilst Adele went and visited her Aunt in hospital, apparently a woman in the room was having a stroke so Adele was locked into the curtained area and unfortunately they only had Rose`s Chocolates to sustain them through this trial, oh terrible times.

More Olympics tonight, now bed I thinks, Azrael is still getting used to having this dog thing running around downstairs, so he tends to spend most of his time upstairs on our bed, shedding all over my bathrobe.

Anyway, good to see Mary has finally updated her Blog, Nat/Aj, comeon guys pick it up, doesn`t have to be long, just an entry.

Aight, i`m buggared, Bed. Bye.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

So much for the weekend

Well, I worked for 5 hours today, so there goes 1 day, still worth it for the overtime, PS3 maybe, no the wife will probably have plans for it, anyway, bloody cold down here and Mary has just informed me that it is forecast for snow tomorrow, Woohoo, dusting off the snowboard, now where can I use it??

The Prinny monster has arrived for a week`s stay, whilst granny rob and grandpa pauly are on Norfolk island, best of luck to them.....although another reminder that Norfolk Island has the cheapest lego prices in the world(Yes that includes Denmark straight from the factory).Indiana jones lego is prefereable HINT HINT. For those who don`t remember Prinny, its the dog with the really safe welcoming smile.....not.

Well, the wife is off shopping, hehe no grocery shopping for me this week, she also usually buys some good stuff as well when i`m not there to say no. Yay, guilt free goodies :)

I was going to suggest a Yellow paint scheme with blue highlights for Kirsty`s house but then I thought no, Parramatta is having a terrible year this year. So no.

Alright, Peace I`m out. Bye

Friday, August 8, 2008

Weekend is here

So again, i`ll pass on the Five Friday Fave`s Dealy, one day maybe.

Been a crappy couple of days at work, long hours, belligerent staff, lack of staff. Some days I really wonder why I am doing staff management, I dont like it, I`m not good at it & I dont get paid extra to do it. But we did make some money on the sausage sizzle so its all good on the social club front, managed to chop 3kg of onions in 25 mins this morning, I think thats a new personal record.

Well, my darling wife assures me that she has nothing planned for us this weekend, so we may catch up on some TV and movies, maybe finally watch LOST season 4, we kinda got sidetracked on that one, we`re both absolutely exhausted, although the trend seems to be that she says "I have nothing planned for this weekend" which then cue`s the P.I.L's (Parents In-Law) to call up and invite us round to dinner. We`ll see how we go anyway.

Well, gonna go forage for some food, seeing as its pay week, that must mean the groceries are needing to be purchased, so it may be a hunt and gather mission tonight, the one thing we have found is that Queanbeyan has NO decent takeaway, the one at Karabar is ok for pizza`s and burgers but just cant get the idea that people dont like it when you have their food sitting under a hot lamp for a while before shoveling it into paper and selling it, its Fast Food people, fry me some chips for *&^%`s sake.(Excuse expletive).

Anyway, Time to forage away. Bye.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Google Street View

Okay Great Idea time, Kirsty when the Google Maps people come to do Mundubbera I`m thinking, have Sam, Char and Nat out on the street dressed as : Carmen Sandiego, Where`s Wally and Wenda(Wally`s Girlfriend for the uneducated). Then we can say we found them all in one hit :).

That is all. Bye.

Today`s Ramblings

Well, apparently Adele has watched The Mysterious Cities of Gold(i`ll make her watch them again anyway Teeheehee). But its her sister that is the real fan apparently.

Didn`t watch You Don`t Mess With The Zohan last night, Adele was tired and went to bed early. Maybe we`ll try again tonight, although I may be piking out this time ;P.

So Al has been at his job for 2 days now, must admit that I hadn`t made the Salvo`s/Tambourine connection before but oh it`s on now :). Hope he`s enjoying it, Me, I can relate, I`m doing extra work for no extra pay, must find out about this. They`re developing a new agreement now, so have to see if I`m up for a pay rise soonish, everything is crossed :). Anyway, good luck Al, we`ll come and peruse your setup when we`re in Ballina next.

I don`t think I have any more to ramble on about at the moment, I`m fairly tired, I gotta stop these 9.5 hour days at work :(. Maybe I should take some of this flex I have accrued.

Anyway the lovely wife is making shepherds pie for dinner, i`m sure if I could smell i`d be saying smells lovely, but I can`t so I wont. Aight, Peace Out. Bye.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Mysterious Cities Of Gold

Yay I got it, didnt think I was going to get to buy Mysterious Cities of Gold today, cause I rang all the shops this morning and no-one had it, then I tried JB HiFi this afternoon and Civic had only one copy left, sent in the wife (Love her :)), and now I have it, have been watching the extra features, think I will have to show this one to Adele, for some reason she never watched it. Didn`t realise that one of the characters actually did voice work for Ulysses 31 which I also loved as a kid, my Mummy even bought me Action figures from Ron`s(the precursor to Clints/The Warehouse).

Watched Kung Fu Panda last night, that movie is gold. Loved it. I think Adele liked it as well. Hancock wasnt too bad, wasn`t great but was pretty good, i`d recommend people watch it, but would advise it is more an action movie than a comedy so dont go expecting a laugh a minute.

I have fixed my DVD list so its now a web page rather than an excel spreadsheet. I have checked Mary and Greatest American Hero was on the list, look under "The" Greatest American Hero, I have season`s 1-3 listed, this is the special edition with the cape and a copy of the Manual that Ralph loses on 2 occasions in the series.

I`ve also removed that useless fact of the day section.

Well that is all I think. May try and watch You Don`t Mess With The Zohan tonight, i`ll see if Adele is up for it. Anyhoo. I`m out. Bye.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Time to Update the Blog

So I been copping it from The Wife, cause I havent updated my BLOG, not that she`s a great example for doing it ;p (thats for you sweetie).

Been working all week, been long days and havent really felt like doing much when I get home. Kirsty and crew should have some movies to watch now, but I just got some more :), watching Hancock tonight, we`ll let u all know how it goes.

Got the Aunt`s birthday party tomorrow, probably only go for a little while, but then we got the dinner at the Parent`s in Law, we all know my extensive pallette, this should go well....we`ll see anyway, I`m told there is ham/salami and bread, I can make that work :).

Time to fry some squid and chips for dinner and then watch a movie, Hmm, maybe I should get some munchies for the movie, it is pretty cold and wet at home, at least Azrael is home early tonight, he was out till 11:30 last night.

Note to AJ, 2 posts does not a blog make, when its updated more regularly it`ll make it onto my list of blogs.

Note to Nat, It was a good start but come on Dude gotta fill us in on the random happenings in your life, I have been looking forward to reading the updates, I love your hamster too :).

Must take down that weird fact of the day thing to the right, it never updates, i`ve put it on every web page i`ve ever had except, hmm must re-register that at some point...Christmas present hint anyone, anyone??

That reminds me, has everyone seen that Mysterious Cities of Gold is coming to DVD, on Monday August 4th, guess who is gonna be lining up at EzyDVD on Monday morning, I loved that show. Have been waiting for it for YEARS.

Anyway enough from me. Food. Movie. Bye.