Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I have a clearance

I have now got my Protected Security Clearance, time to start looking for jobs, they did mention at work the other day we would be taking over Medicare IT, and part of that would be on-site support, Hmm, wonder if I could get Brisbane. Time to talk to the wife, I`m sure we could sell this house and move.

Not much happening other than that, we`re now into Criminal Minds, although not quite as good as Bones. Adele is down watching Brothers and Sisters at the moment, its great all the shows are coming back.

Anyway, I`m offski, Bye.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Nearly the weekend

Well, its nearly the weekend, so need to have a relax, but the lawns and outside need doing, so we`ll be into it.

Nearly finished Bones now, got 3 episodes to go, then we`ll start Criminal Minds, Maybe LOST before that, probably should catch up on that. Then we should watch some of the movies we have as well.

Not too much going on at the moment, had a BBQ at work today that I organised. Made $170 dollars profit, soo much work put into it though.

Thats about it really, time for eating I thinks. Can`t wait to see Kim and Beth back from Holidays and get some pictures etc(we`ve been over my aversion to facebook before).

Alrighty, See you all next time. Bye.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Weekend Draws to a close

Well another weekend finished.

I started the weekend by installing a Plasma TV for a lady at work, I work cheap, I do it for cheesecake :
Got 2 of the above cheesecakes, will be munching this one tonight :) Mmmmm Triple Choc Cheesecake.

I then put together our new entertainment unit and bookshelf :

I cant take credit for filling the bookshelves, Adele did that.

I have introduced Mary to icanhascheesburger after she sent me a funny photo of her holding effie : Caption will be on the lines of : Gimme Treaties or I cutz her jugular

Aight, Peace out, Bye.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Day Off

I had a day off today, I figured after not having a weekend, I kinda deserved it so I used some of my flex to treat myself.

I`ve spent the entire day rebuilding the laptop in the hope of connecting my external hard drive to it, I`m pleased to say this has been successful, so now I just need to set the laptop up again for the network which I`m sure will prove interesting.

Hmm, must fit a snooze in at some stage, I have to go pick my wife up around 10 from Belconnen as she is planning on having a few drinks with her friends. So I get to stay home and sober for a change?!?!?!

Haven`t quite gotten to assembling the bookshelves or entertainment unit, I figured I will wait till the wife is home to give me a hand. Kitty has loved having me home all day, he is such a sook sometimes, he comes in the cat door, and Miaows till I come give him a pat, this can be as short as a stroke and then he`s off again, other times he insists on being picked up.

Well as the laptop is nearly done, I should be able to get some photo`s up again, must find something to take a photo of.

Aight, out. Bye.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Finished Testing

It`s over, done with, finished. Well not all of it, but my part is, for that matter I don`t really care actually. All I care about is that its finished.

I saw some nice stuff in the Target catalogue and thought we might have a look at it, but after talking to the guys at Target, they apparently have a heap of people after the limited stock that they have. So we actually went in this afternoon and purchased it.
TV Cabinet and Cube Bookshelves, both in the chocolate brown colour. Hopefully this will give us some room to put all the stuff near the TV into a neat area, and let us put our books out, well some of them anyway.

Season 2 of Criminal Minds is coming down now, season 1 has finished. So just gotta get into some Bones, we didn`t manage to watch any Bones last night, cause Adele had to watch NCIS. Can`t wait, NCIS is back in 2 weeks. Will be fun.

Anyway thats about it for today. I do have to go back to Tuggeranong tomorrow to pick up the Bookshelves and the cabinet, it`s kinda too large for a car, so we needed the Father-In-Law`s trailer. So another early morning awaits, YAAAY.

I could survive for 1 minute, 19 seconds chained to a bunk bed with a velociraptor

Created by Bunk Beds Pedia

Aight, till next time, Bye.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

1 Day to go of Testing

1 day to go, then its back to the usual grind, I`ve chased up about my clearance and the guy in charge will call the Australian Vetting Service tomorrow to chase it up.

Looks like Criminal Minds has won, Season 1 is on its way down now. Sorry Mick, never got into the Soprano`s or Dexter, I actually do have them, just never really grabbed me, and I tend to hoard so I wont delete them. I do have some more movies to send you guys, when I get a chance to burn them.

Sorry to disappoint fella`s, no intention to move to Brisbane in the near future, we did kinda just buy a house here, so we would like to live in it for a little while at least.

I have Nexium again, and a 3 litre bottle of milk, I don`t think the milk is going to last long, good news is my bones have the tensile strength of steel :).

That`s about it, my main interest in updating the blog was to put the joke up, someone sent it to me yesterday and it made me laugh.

Aight, Out. Bye.

Monday, September 15, 2008

So Very, Very Tired

I`ve just realised that i`m out of Nexium, it`s gonna be a rough night.
I can feel the heart burn going already :(, i`ve stocked up on milk, had some panadol and i`m heading to bed early. I`ll hit the chemist first thing in the morning.

Into season 3 of Bones now, really cool series, hadn`t realised it was any good, but I do recommend it. Unfortunately getting close to the end of the available episodes, time to find something else to get. Any recommendations?? No I don`t want any suggestions of Desperate Housewives, Grey`s Anatomy or any other girly crap, I want good drama, not sappy soaps.

The testing is progressing, but I feel I achieved the sum total of nothing today, its the most dis-organised mess I have ever seen, still we must all soldier on and try and achieve a positive outcome or nothing will get changed. I should start looking around for new jobs now to see what I can find, hmm, maybe I should try some contracting? Well it`d be more money, but no holidays or sick leave or anything, although generally I don`t take much of either so probably not that big a deal, but I`d kinda like to stay in the public service.

Kim and Beth seem to be having a great time over in Europe, can`t wait to see some photo`s, wish they`d blog, cause I don`t facebook, yes there is a simple reason for that, Identity theft. There i`ve said my piece and revealed my paranoid side.

The Omni TV is now officially dead and Peace of Mind(David Jone`s Warranty company) has advised they will be cutting us a cheque for a refund to send out in the next week. So its shopping for a 32" LCD now, I found one for just under $900(Reckon you can do me a deal Kim??) so I gotta chuck in some cash on top of the cheque we`ll get for the Omni, but then I guess that`s one of the reasons I like over time :), I think I`ve decided that this one will go in the Bedroom on a nice wall mount, it should look quite nice and allow Adele to have the top of her Dresser back...well mostly, i`ll have the old Xbox 1 console setup as a media player, just gotta run some cable to the computer room, so I can network it into the PC so we can watch stuff in bed.

So it`s all going well this side. Big Shout out and happy birthday to my Nephew, Was way too tired when I got home and was too late by the time I woke up to call, so I`ll call him tomorrow.

Alright, peace out, Bye.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

More Testing

Damn, I don`t think Overtime is worth it, I want sleep, soo tired.

Anyway, i`m here alone, Adele is up at the hospital, her Aunt is not going too well, Umm, I guess she`s in need of prayers, i`m not real good on that stuff, so over to my family who is good at it. Thanks.

Not much else to say really. Bye.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

No Rest for the Wicked

Well, the wife tells me i`m lovely not wicked, but I must be doing something wrong. Still its overtime, but I think i`d like to have a couple of weekends off. Oh well.

Gonna be a long couple of days doing this testing, we finally got all the testing doco out of the way, well its all written and ready to go, just gotta sort out the methods for performing the test, Oh I can`t wait for my security clearance to come through so I can start looking for other jobs, I just want to go to work and come home and forget about work, why do people insist on giving me more responsibility, maybe I should intentionally stuff up a few times?!?!?! Hmm I can power the whole data centre down for a week or so....no I dont want prison, just an incompentent reputation.

Watching some more Bones at the moment, Adele has watched episode 3 of 90215604832....whatever its called, I think she may have a new show for me to get for her every week. All of my favourite shows are starting to come back on in the US so I can finally start watching some, but I do need to catch up on Bones, its a good series, unfortunately I got Adele into it, so now I need to watch it with her, which don`t get me wrong I like watching stuff with her, its just trying to find time when we are both free to watch it.

Adele is out at the Boat House on the lake, testing venues with her parents and sister(& future brother in-law) I probably should be with them, but i`m wrecked, I would like some time to have a "Weekend" even if its not during the day, and I`ve been there a couple of times anyway, so I know what it`s like, standard fancy food that I don`t eat, so looks like another wedding that I stop at Macca`s on the way home :). Although Clare says she`s organising me a kids meal for her wedding, Big Ups to Clare :).

Alright, the cat is wanting a drink again, so I`m offski before he puts his head down the toilet again. Bye.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

All Connected

Console`s are both connected now, I can view stuff off my PC. Yay!!! So we`re back to watching Bones. I`ve got Wall-E, Get Smart and Space Chimps to watch as well. Just gotta find some time to watch them. I`ll have to send them to my sister and her kids, they seem to appreciate them, unlike my parents who I sent them movies, and they never watched them, just allowed my brother to steal them and never bothered to get them back.

Offside comment, I know Kirsty will appreciate this, I got all 3 seasons of Father Ted :).

I`m doing testing for the next 6 days, yes I don`t get a weekend this fortnight, I do get overtime, so i`m sure that Adele is already planning on how to spend all that cash, whilst I catch up on sleep.

I dunno what else to talk about, been boring, I`m being hassled to fix the laptop, which is infected with a virus, I`ll get there eventually.

Alright. Outta here, Bye.

PS. Nat/Aj time to update blogs, I got hassled enough, your turn guys.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Day on the Frontlines

Spent the Day in a CSC, Geez there are some angry people out there. Why can`t people just get their crap together, why do you want to survive on welfare anyway?? Why blame the people who are trying to help you?? just dont understand it sometimes.

Anyway apart from that, pretty boring day. Back to real work tomorrow.

Oh well I`m out, Bye.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Been A While

I`m Back, Thanks for all calling. But I really am fine, needed to work my own stuff out, which is how I always do it, its no reflection on anyone, but I need to work it out myself.

So in the past couple of weeks, We`ve had Poptarts :

Now I haven`t seen these in Australia anywhere for a few years, and my soon to be brother in law who worked at Coles and now at Aldi assured me they weren`t available.
So where did we get them from? Sugarfix its a website for ordering, US or UK based junkfood basically. Now the Wifey with the good credit rating and a credit card then ordered them for us, please be aware that they have approximately the same value as gold, the 2 boxes we ordered cost about $40 to have delivered to us, but oh so nice.

I also was able to track down a bag of "The People`s Chip" which was launched by Hamish and Andy, for those of you who don`t know, the flavour is Gravy. Now personally it tasted like Cheese and Onion flavour chips to me, maybe I need another bag.

I think Adele agreed with me on the taste.

I also managed to get a PS3, I guess my previous comments finally worked and I now have myself a Blu-Ray player, Yes people I would like some Blu-Ray movies sent to me, just on the off chance someone is feeling generous?!?!?! Thanks Wifey :)

I bought myself a new Hard Drive yesterday, and in the process managed to kill my primary drive, which means I lost about 100Gb of stuff unfortunately, I did have a lot backed up, but there was some stuff which is irreplaceable, like most of our photo`s etc, but being lazy counts people, we still have most of our photo`s on our SD Card from the camera. Woohoo. So I`m back in Windows at the moment, and thanks to Microsoft`s incompetence, i`m blaming the fact that I`m using a pirated copy of Xp on them, if Vista worked so well, then why the hell doesn`t it pick up the hardware??? so if they come at me i`ll be more than happy to swap a legitimate license of Vista Ultimate for a copy of XP Pro.

I guess thats about it. I`ll speak to you next time. Bye