Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas

Well, i`ll see you all soonish. It`s been a tiring christmas, I have finished my rotation so time to enjoy christmas.

Did everyone track santa`s journey? NORAD(North American Aerospace Defense Command) has got a web page to allow you to do it : Here. As we all know, Santa has finished for this year, but will be going again next year so you can watch it live.

Adele is going to hit the sales today(well 1 at my request) The Good Guys apparently have a good deal on USB Thumbdrives $8 for 8Gb or that was what I thought I saw, then again I haven`t really had that much sleep in the last couple of days.

Well Nighty Night all, i`ll see you tonight, and for goodness sakes update your blogs. Bye.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

No More Christmas Shopping

Presents are wrapped and ready to go people, 4 sleeps till santa comes, although that`s 3 for me as i`ll be up all christmas eve night(Yes I will be sitting on the roof of our building at Symonston searching the skies for the fat red man). Then after 5 sleeps(still technically 3 for me as i`ll be sleeping during the day) it`s off to visit the Family.

Now I thought I may as well put up the following list :
10000 bc
27 dresses
alien vs predator requiem
american gangster
An American Carol
An evening with kevin smith 2
Babylon AD.avi
Bangkok Dangerous
Batman - gotham knight
Batman the dark knight
Be Kind Rewind
Burn After Reading
charlie wilsons war
Death race
Drill bit taylor
Eagle eye
Fools gold
Forgetting sarah marshall
Fred Claus
Futurama - 01 - benders big score
Futurama - 02 - the beast with a billion backs i
Get smart
Get smarts bruce and lloyd out of control
Ghost rider 5 - back to basics
Ghost Town
Gran Torino
Hellboy 2 : the golden army
Horton hears a who
How to lose friends and alienate people
Howard the duc
In bruges
Indiana jones and.the.kingdom.of.the.crystal.skull
Iron man
Journey to the center of the earth 2d
Journey to the center of the earth 3d
Kill switch
Kung fu panda.avi
Kung.fu panda secrets of the furious Five
Madagascar 2
Madagascar penguins in. a christmas caper
Mamma mia
Meet dave
Meet the spartans
Mr.magoriums.wonder emporium
Mummy 3
My moms new boyfriend
My name is bruce
National treasure 2 - book of secrets
Nim`s island
James Bond : Quantum of solace
Righteous kill
Rush hour 3
Seven Pounds
Space chimps
Star wars the clone wars
Step brothers
Surfer Dude
Superhero movie
The bucket list
The eye
The forbidden kingdom
The golden compass
The happening
The hogfather
the love guru
the other boelyn girl
The rocker
The bank job
The chronicles of narnia prince caspian
The duchess
The incredible hulk
Transporter 3
Tropic thunder
What happens in vegas.avi
Xfiles2 (r5).avi
You dont mess with the zohan.avi
Zack.and.miri.make.a.porno(No mary this isn`t what it sounds like, well certain scene`s yes they are, it`s actually a comedy)
Zoom academy

This is a list of what I got movie wise, Please check out : IMDB for information on the movie or Trailer Addict for trailers of the movies. I can bring these up with us. Highly recommended`s from me would be :
Madagascar 2
Seven Pounds(New will smith movie, haven`t watched it yet but supposed to be good)
Kung Fu Panda the secrets of the furious 5(Kind of a DVD extra if you haven`t bought the DVD)
Burn After Reading(kinda takes a while but worth it in the end)
Gran Torino (New Clint Eastwood Movie)
James Bond : Quantum of Solace(It`s James bond for crying out loud)
That`s the major`s for now, unless something new comes out in the next couple of days.

Very disappointed at the lack of Blog update`s recently, Kim......Amy......I`m looking in your direction here, Kirsty has a reason, what`s your excuse??

Alright until I feel the need to outpour again, Goodnight. Bye.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Breakfast, shopping etc.

So the day started off with Adele waking me up early(like 9 o'clock) it was early to me cause my body had woken at 2:30 and refused to go back to sleep till like 6 so it was early.

Had breakfast at Central Cafe in Queanbeyan(HIGHLY RECOMMENDED) this thing beats the Whale breakfast at Shelley`s(well except for the view:Whale`s/Dolphin`s Vs Wogs, you judge). Came with like 4 sausages, 4 rashers of bacon, 2 eggs, a tomato cut in half and fried as well as chips. Now add to this score I also got Adele`s Tomato and her 2 eggs, and you have a massive protein breakfast, I`m still thinking about it now. We met Adele`s Parents for a christmas catchup as I will be asleep all christmas day.Yay....NOT. We then went to the Cheap DVD shop at Riverside, where I was good and didn`t buy anymore (I did find a couple more that I wanted, but I didn`t really want them), but Adele`s mother bought some :).

We then went to the computer fair, cause I`m trying to fix someone`s computer but this didn`t prove successful as they don`t have Power Supplies for Acer computer`s out there, over to e-bay I guess.

We then went shopping and finished our christmas present shopping, Well we still have to buy each other christmas presents as well, but we`re doing that tomorrow. Mary still waiting on your IWOOT post. But hehehe we did find something awesome for you anyway, just gotta find something else :).

Well i`m pretty sure Kirsty and crew, are travelling, so they`re forgiven their update's but what has happened to everyone else, Kim?? AJ?? Ginny?? it`s like deathly silent. Anyway. I`m out. Bye.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Just to make sure

Hehehe Mr T Duck. From click the picture) so many I want it`s not funny, just start ordering :). Bye.

The Blog which gets rid of Miaowing

Hopefully this blog banishes the Miaowing to the older posts section. It`s been fun having it up there but won`t miss it really.

So it`s time for days off, unfortunately i`m so tired, takes a long time for me to catch up to the rest of the world, then its time to go back to work, the 24/7 people all tell me it takes about 3 months to start going alright with it, so here`s hoping.

I`m off to do christmas shopping today. Adele left me money now I just have to ask her what she wants me to get, if anyone is reading this I may be calling you for hints, Mary, Al, Beth, Kirsty this all means you need to think about what your other half`s/children want, I think that`s it.

well that`s about it, Cya all. Let`s see if the Miaowing is gone. Bye.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

What Christmas Present am I?

I`m a Christmas Sweater!

Over the top, colorful, and totally flashy.

You're not afraid to be a little tacky.

New Post

Well, another 4 days off starts, as usual, as I have been up all night I will be spending this one asleep. Just getting the new will smith movie. then i`ll be heading to bed, had to just about pry Adele away from my computer as she has been reading those Twilight books on here(We need a 2nd laptop).

Had a Strawberry Milkshake Poptart for breakfast, was yummy, apparently there is 2 retail places in Australia I know of now to get poptarts, 1 at Warringah mall in Sydney and 1 in a Mall in Newcastle, so next time we drive up the coast, we`ll do a run through Newcastle.

Very exciting news about Clare working as a solicitor next year, congrats Clare.

Very Excited, I`ve gone international. Somone in the UK has viewed my Blog, Yay.

Well, I`m exhausted, Going to bed, I`ve Blogged Mary but may I point out even though I`ve been working I have blogged more than AJ, Kim You and even My beautiful Wife. Thankyou Signing off. Bye.

Monday, December 15, 2008


Been a few Potato Heads come out that I want to join my potato posse :

Spud Trooper

Spuda Fett
Princess Tater

Luke Frywalker
Indy Tater
Darth Mash
Artoo Potatoo

Nightmare on Elm Street DVD Set :

And I really need a USB Flash Drive, 4Gb or above good stocking filler....Hint Hint.
And I`m desperate for HDD space, 1Tb drive, 750Gb, prefer not less than 750Gb, Kim has done well in this dept, I don`t care if it`s firewire compatible as I have USB 2.0.

Well hopefully i`ll sleep well tonight. Bye.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

K So when I got to work this morning at the ungodly hour of 7am, it was to find the boss had tasked the weekend staff with the job of decorating our area for christmas. Now us being the Bah Humbug types at work, we decided we would put decorations up as directed, but we would use our discretion and put them up in a fairly limited area, the limited area being around his desk. So I present Santa`s Vomit :

I was impressed, would have looked better but I ran out of tinsel. Would have got more but ran out of time. Whew, think its time to add a heap more blogs and get that annoying cat christmas carol thing off the front page.

I like this new feedjit widget I have, I can see who has visited, I`ve had people from Melbourne, Sydney, Toukley some place called Tintenbar ;) lol. haven`t gone international yet, but i`m waiting. Aight time for Die Hard 2. Bye.

Friday, December 12, 2008


"Have You Checked the Children"

Remember this? The one where the babysitter gets the calls from someone saying "Have you Checked the children?" and its the killer who`s killed the kids and is inside the house with her despite the fact she`s locked all the doors.....One of Mary`s $1 horror specials that warped and twisted my sensitive young mind? I got it and the Sequel on DVD for $5 each, there is a cool cheap DVD shop at Riverside Plaza, looks fairly temporary, not a huge range but I got some specials :
Big Trouble In Little China
Leon : The Professional
Running Scared
The Saint
The Untouchables
Team America : World Police
Tank Girl.
So as you can see none from my want list below, but some cool movies anyway.

So I do have one to add to my want list :
For all those of you who have not seen Batman : The Dark Knight, WATCH IT. it is a fantastic movie, it should be watched at the Cinema but if you cant, get thee to a Hi-Def LCD/Plasma and watch the Blu-Ray copy. If you cant do that, just watch the copy I provided.

So its a rainy day here, Kitty is all sooky cause its wet and he can`t go out without wetting his little feets....Awwwww. No really he`s a sook. He`s been asleep in the cupboard most of the day, shedding all over my pyjama`s.

That`s about all my news for now. Bye.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Special IWOOT Post

Onesie Pyjama`s, haven`t decided between the Drop Down Seat model or the Hoodie model, of course I`ll need them in Xtra Large.

Delirious with lack of sleep, going to go to bed soon. Night all. Bye

Friday, December 5, 2008

Yay, the wife has returned for a full 18 hours, before she`d had enough of me and headed north, j/k she`s off to Sydney with her mother to do wedding dress shopping with her least that`s what i`ve been told, I haven`t investigated further.

So on with the post, this is another IWOOT post as there has been a bit of a lapse and christmas is thundering down upon us like a freight train, So direct from Kogan :
The first Google Android OS phone released in Australia, please click on the phone for the link, PS enter KGNBUCK in the coupon code part at the checkout for a 5% discount(this just about covers the postage). This is unless someone wants to import me a G1 from T-Mobile in the US, they are available on E-Bay.

I also would like a Remote for the PS3 as I have to use the controller at the moment which isn`t very user friendly quite frankly, as per usual click on the pic for a link.

I also would like DVD`s, now everyone always forgoe`s this as they say "We don`t know what you want" insert your favourite variation on this phrase. So here it is for all :
My DVD Want List for this Christmas :
TV Series :
3rd Rock from the sun : From Season 3 Onwards
Air Wolf : Seasons 1,2,3
Astro Boy : 1960`s : Volume 2
Bewitched : Seasons 2-6
Black Adder : Complete Series
Chronicles of Narnia : Complete Box Set
Different Stroke`s : Season 2
Due South : All Seasons
Dukes of Hazard : All Seasons
Family Guy : From Season 3 onwards
Family Ties : All Seasons
Fantasy Island : Complete Series
Fawlty Towers : Complete Series
Fresh Prince of Bel Air : Season 4
Get Smart : All Seasons
Golden Girls : All Seasons
Hale & Pace : Complete Collection
Hogan`s Heroes : All Seasons
Home Improvement : All Seasons
Keeping Up Appearances : Complete Box Set
Knight Rider : All Seasons
Little Britain : From Season 2 Onwards
Lois and Clark : From Season 3 onwards
LOST : Seasons 2,3 & 4
Macgyver : All Seasons
Monkey : The Complete Collection
Monty Python`s Flying Circus
Mork & Mindy : Season 2 & 3
Muppet Show : All Seasons
Ned & Stacy : Season 1
Perfect Strangers : All Seasons
Quantum Leap : Season 5
Red Dwarf : Just the Smegs & Beat the Geek
Round The Twist : Complete Box set
Seaquest DSV : All Seasons
Sliders : All Seasons
Spongebob Squarepants : from Season 3 onwards
The A-Team : All Seasons
The Cosby Show : Season 1,4,5,6.
The Dresden Files : Season 1
The Flash : Complete Series
The Goodies : The Final Episodes
The Simpsons : Season 9 & 11
The X-Files Season 6
Transformers : The complete Collection

Movies :
Clear And Present Danger
Chasing Amy
Indiana Jones : Kingdom of the crystal Skulls (2-Disc)
Jaws 2 & 3
Star Trek Movie`s : 1,2,5,6,7,8,9,10
The Evil Dead 2 & Evil Dead 3 : Army Of Darkness (Special Editions of either)
The Great Muppet Caper
The Muppet Movie
Twilight Zone : The Movie
Xfiles 2

Blu-Ray :
The Fifth Element
Terminator 2
Batman : The Dark Knight

Now most of these were found off either the JBHifi Website or the Ezydvd website. So best off looking there first if you`re in doubt.

So it`s back to work for me tomorrow. 2 Day`s and then 2 nights, i`ll be back in day off land to sleep all day on Wednesday. Talk to you all soon. Bye.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Day Off Time again

So i`ve finished my 4 mad days, and slept most of today, that must mean its time for some time off, well i`m off to see Paul tomorrow, to see about some new seats for the Commodore as the one`s that are in there are kinda sorta screwed.
The wife is in Adelaide for the week, for all those who don`t read her Blog. So it`s Pizza/Hot Dog`s/Wedge`s & Beer for Dinner all week Yaaay, But on the other hand the wife isn`t here....Booooo :(.

I did pretty good for Adele`s Birthday before I ran over budget(teeheehee I love present shopping), as per usual I got her a Friend`s DVD(Think it`s time to nearly finish off with these as she want`s other series now and it`ll take forever to buy these DVD`s one Christmas/Birthday at a time), Then she had requested a Tacklebox/Toolbox for her Beadmaking, so insert running around time here, I searched : Bunnings, Target, K-mart, Big-W and finally Rod`s and Tackle in Queanbeyan(most disappointed that Tiny from the ad wasn`t there, I like`s celebrities even minor local one`s) and got her the largest one I could find that matched her description of what she wanted. Then I headed to Michael Hill Jeweller as per usual and hit up the excellent staff in there who have taken care of my Jewellery needs since we started dating really, they`ve seen us through the engagement and wedding and every Christmas and birthday since, they do a good job, as I like to get Adele some new gold every time. Then when I got home(having spent the budget) I discovered that Lips had been released on Xbox (it`s the singstar equivalant for 360) which we had been waiting for since we borrowed Singstar off a girl at work(We both love Karaoke but I really shouldn`t do it in public unless completely drunk) So I went and grabbed it the next day from K-mart (Got it for $20 off RRP yay me) then Adele`s mother took care of Birthday Dinner and Cake so it was fantastic, Good job MI-L(Mother In-Law).

Watched the new Bond over my shift weekend. Well what can I say, it`s starting to lose the Bondishness, what do I mean by that, it`s the one liner`s he used to pull, the gadget`s he used to use, I think since Q stopped being in it its just gone away from what it used to be, although I must say its more true to the books now than the movies, so I dont really know, as a movie to watch its pretty good and I don`t think anyone will be bored, but it really needs to bring back a few things in the next one, i`m again happy with Daniel Craig as Bond(Clive Owen would have been better) just want to see some flippant throwaway lines, gadgets and Bond bedding 5-6 women per movie(I know how sexist).

So plans for the next couple of days are to get some house work done early so I can concentrate on relaxing. Gonna try and get the lawn done as well, Bloody summer. Anyway, have a good one all. Bye.