Friday, November 28, 2008

Oh Rapturous Joy

Getting Eagle Eye and the new James Bond, will have to watch the new Bond on my own as Adele doesnt like James. She feels his antic`s are a little too far fetched, the only uncultured thing about my wife.

Anyway I got all of Adele`s birthday shopping done, even managed to get a bargain on it. Can`t wait for tomorrow so I can give her, her presents.

Had training for most of today, had to go back to work after the training was complete, had to do a test and get an 85% pass mark on it. Still it was an open book test so I think I got the pass mark.

Foot still hurting, have to go get some dinner. Cya. Bye.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Back to work tomorrow

Gotta go back to work tomorrow. :(
Got Adele`s Birthday shopping done, well except for one thing(which I only just remembered). Mwahahaha I can`t tell you cause little miss sneaky pants will read my blog. Hopefully she doesn`t find the presents, had to wrap them and everything.

Anyway, back to work tomorrow, gonna watch The Mentalist and Bones tonight. Adele is cooking me Pizza as we speak, I hurt my foot somehow today whilst shopping, it was a big day obviously.

Has everyone checked out Kim`s blog yet? BigmanIndustries Isn`t it great to find out you`re not the only person who uses the laptop/phone in the toilet. Teeheehee. Still a kiss for Mary :*(I washed my hands before blowing it).

Hope Mary went ok at the funeral today I did think about her.

Alright that`s it. Bye.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Day off 3

Ok, so I am on my third day off, technically my first day off is spent sleeping so it doesn`t really count.

I just bummed around mos t of the day, went down to riverside plaza and had a wander round, cause I usually just hide in the house all day if Adele isn`t here to make me leave, could be me just not liking crowds of people, but I should try to get out of here more often. Anyway, went down had a browse around, bought 2 yeast donuts from Donut king for Dessert tonight(1 Pink and 1 Chocolate) cause I been hassling Adele for a pink yeast donut at about 11 o'clock at night for I dont know how long, and I got some Bakers Delight bread cause Adele like`s it. Then came back home.

Currently doing today`s downloads : NCIS, The Mentalist and Fringe. Already watched Chuck and Heroes yesterday. Hope to watch them tonight with the wifey poo`s.

So, finally worked out who the hell Edward Cullen is from Kirsty`s Blog....Yes think i`ll give twilight a miss, I`ve heard good things about Tru Blood if you`re after Vampire`s but its a little more adult in theme`s.

So anyway, Have to do Adele`s Birthday shopping tomorrow(It`s on Saturday for those who forgot), being payday and all. Also thought whilst I`m out i`ll get some ingredients and make some savoury muffins in the mini-muffin trays.

Anyway that`s about it. Bye.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Post 24/7 run

Well, it`s tiring, but I do like being up all night, unfortunately it will take a while to adjust.

Big ups to the wild weather in Brisbane for making my night shifts just that little bit more interesting, you guys have had a wild ride, and i`ve been with u almost every step of the way, hope its looking a little quieter now, even managed to keep the Call Centre going for all you poor buggar`s hit by the storms and needing a hand out. Clare have you thought of throwing a few tiles off the roof and filing a claim with Centrelink??

Anyway, back to normal life mode now, I did end up buying Macca`s for breakfast but did it on Sunday Morning when I felt Adele would have time to savour it.

I`ve done some washing and stuff this morning, about to watch a new UK show called survivors about people who survive a virus that wipes out most of the population(sounds like 28 days later, don`t know if there`s zombies yet).

Anyhoo, thoughts are with Kirsty for coming in 2nd or 3rd in SYTYCS comp. We thought you did good. I could have joined the Blog to vote if you`d wanted, I can scrapbook real good I think....well maybe if I can stop myself eating the clag for 5 mins.

Alright, time to put some washing out and watch Survivors. Also gonna think about what Muffins I can make this week, thinking savoury, something with Cheese and Pepperoni. Aight, Bye.

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Well started the new roster today, 12 hour shift, seems ok, not too many problems....buggar forgot the iRAS check. Hmm, ah well someone else will do it.

Anyway. I like this 4 days on 4 days off thing, I could get to like it, although ask me again on Monday morning as I arrive home from my second overnight shift. Hmm, maybe I can grab macca`s on the way home....No that`s not a promise when you read this my darling ;).

So yeah, I think Adele has caught you up with everything on her blog, I cooked muffins, we watched Madagascar 2.

Thats about it. Cya. Bye.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Good News and Bad News

Good News : I`m on the 24/7 roster which means more money for us.
Bad News : Because of this I now will miss Christmas at home :(.

I`ll be flying up Boxing Day at night hopefully and staying for a few days, feel bad but its a great opportunity and i`m hoping to still see everyone there.

Alright thats about it. Bye.

Monday, November 10, 2008


Well what a weekend.
Up at 5 o'clock on Saturday, raining....that`d be right. Ladder in the car, collapsible chairs in the car. Cardboard for signs in the car. Trolley yep, check all done, lets go.
Aunt`s place by 6am, its dark, Adele`s parents not there yet. Pause waiting for them to arrive.
2mins later they arrive, phew. Shed unlocked, trestle`s out. Start getting everything out from inside the house. Still drizzle at this stage so bit hesitant to put everything out. First customer at 6:15 NOT AN INDIAN!!!!!! OMG. Steady stream of customers till 7:30(Glad we specified starting at 7am), whilst we get all the stuff out from inside. Eventually I get a rest and a coffee from the lovely lady next door, who even supplies toast with Vegemite spread in the correct way(Piled on thick). Signs get made by me and then put out(Mary would be proud of me). Damn not enough cardboard, only enough for one out the front and one either end of the street(Mary would be disappointed, not enough signs to steer customers in from as far afield as liverpool and melbourne).
Adele`s Dad then decides that as the garage sale is progressing, now is a good time to have a look at the shed. Flash forward 3 hours, 2 spiders, and a near collapse of the shed. All in pieces, Adele has sold the fibreglass sheets(Mary I swear I may have inbred on this one, its like there`s Reid blood in there). all pieces on Trailer. Garage sale over, retrieve signs. all over by 1:00pm too tired to move, home by some miracle am able to move arms enough to steer car and change gear(clutch work is a bit rough though, I think that leg is asleep already), lunch, sleep, think there was some suggestion of dinner, but its a vague recollection at this stage, do remember wife rubbing Voltaren gel into Arms before sleep though.

No Where near as much hardwork today, but damn, first item lifted and my back can see where this is going and decides to revolt, Seized up, but i`m not taking it, so I soldier on and we carry all the bedroom suite out to the people who bought it`s trailer, decide to walk double bed base up to their house, its only 4 houses over and across the road, get there and my back is comparing this trek to one performed by World War 2 vet`s across the Kokoda track. Finally its over, thats out. Wardrobe from spare bedroom(i`m thinking this thing was assembled on the bare slab and the house built around it), Eventually we get it away from the walls and lined up to go out, am accosted by Dust Bunnies the size of largish wallabies. After Adele`s Mum`s friend comes and cleans them all with her vacuum cleaner we start trying to move it. Discover that dust bunnies still exist on the end of the cupboard i`m supposed to be lifting, valiantly fight the dust bunnies in a duel to the death, then lift the cupboard out. Park it on the front lawn with a FREE PLEASE TAKE ME sign in a vain attempt to get out of moving the damn thing again. Remove all Venetian blinds and mounts from windows, OMG the house is filled with light, its not a cave. Deliver Trestle tables back to Belconnen and pick up well Deserved macca`s for lunch(not game to say that I could have polished of everything we bought as an entree at that stage I was famished). Get back to discover the ploy has worked the lady across the road has spied the wardrobe and her loving removalist husband will be removing it post haste. Thats pretty much it for the weekend, the rest involves me sleeping, moaning every time I had to move and to be honest can`t remember much except the pain in my arms and shoulders.

Alrighty then, Picture`s will follow when Adele can chase her sister down to get them. Bye.

Friday, November 7, 2008

The Slanket

Oh yes indeedy, gotta have one of these :

The Slanket, looks warm as.

Anyway, week is over, albeit a shortened 3 day week this week, thanks to Mary`s Visit :).
Weekend begins tomorrow at 5am for the big Garage Sale, have to go make some signs. Well, good luck to you all, time for some Bones and Life. Bye.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Special Post

La Linea, anyone who watched ABC TV in the late 80's early 90's would know what this is, finally found out the reason I could never understand what he was saying was that he was speaking Italian, anyway it doesn`t matter what he says cause the visual`s were so good, so anyway, this is a special IWOOT post cause I found this.

Damn Forgot to Update the Blog

So its been a while.
The biggest most exciting thing to happen since last Post is Mary`s visit, yep, she came down and stayed with us for 5 days, we had lots of fun just relaxing, sitting in Massage chairs, I think Adele saw who egged me on as a child now after she watched Mary and I in the chairs at Harvey`s for what I must say was a very relaxing hour or so. Anyway, thanks Mary we loved having you here, and would love to have you back anytime.

Second most exciting thing was getting my surround sound, love it love it love it. Don`t love the fact the receiver doesn`t fit in our entertainment unit so we`ll have to start looking round for a new one, not right now, but eventually. Buggar.

So thats about it, I am excited about the proposed new Google Android Phone maybe getting released in Australia by Kogan. Will be getting one of these to play with.

So IWOOT`s for this blog post. Hmm, well I need some Books, I been reading a series called the Dresden Files which is basically a grown up Harry Potter but without Ron/Hermione or the annoying characters, its great, anyway : ANY OF THE HARDCOVER Books from the Dresden Files, you can find them on the website he currently has a mini novella type book out through Amazon called Backup which I want as well, and also he has started releasing comics, now I dont have any of his books, so any and all would be good.

So thats about it, time to go forage for something for dinner. So Bye.