Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas

Well, i`ll see you all soonish. It`s been a tiring christmas, I have finished my rotation so time to enjoy christmas.

Did everyone track santa`s journey? NORAD(North American Aerospace Defense Command) has got a web page to allow you to do it : Here. As we all know, Santa has finished for this year, but will be going again next year so you can watch it live.

Adele is going to hit the sales today(well 1 at my request) The Good Guys apparently have a good deal on USB Thumbdrives $8 for 8Gb or that was what I thought I saw, then again I haven`t really had that much sleep in the last couple of days.

Well Nighty Night all, i`ll see you tonight, and for goodness sakes update your blogs. Bye.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

No More Christmas Shopping

Presents are wrapped and ready to go people, 4 sleeps till santa comes, although that`s 3 for me as i`ll be up all christmas eve night(Yes I will be sitting on the roof of our building at Symonston searching the skies for the fat red man). Then after 5 sleeps(still technically 3 for me as i`ll be sleeping during the day) it`s off to visit the Family.

Now I thought I may as well put up the following list :
10000 bc
27 dresses
alien vs predator requiem
american gangster
An American Carol
An evening with kevin smith 2
Babylon AD.avi
Bangkok Dangerous
Batman - gotham knight
Batman the dark knight
Be Kind Rewind
Burn After Reading
charlie wilsons war
Death race
Drill bit taylor
Eagle eye
Fools gold
Forgetting sarah marshall
Fred Claus
Futurama - 01 - benders big score
Futurama - 02 - the beast with a billion backs i
Get smart
Get smarts bruce and lloyd out of control
Ghost rider 5 - back to basics
Ghost Town
Gran Torino
Hellboy 2 : the golden army
Horton hears a who
How to lose friends and alienate people
Howard the duc
In bruges
Indiana jones and.the.kingdom.of.the.crystal.skull
Iron man
Journey to the center of the earth 2d
Journey to the center of the earth 3d
Kill switch
Kung fu panda.avi
Kung.fu panda secrets of the furious Five
Madagascar 2
Madagascar penguins in. a christmas caper
Mamma mia
Meet dave
Meet the spartans
Mr.magoriums.wonder emporium
Mummy 3
My moms new boyfriend
My name is bruce
National treasure 2 - book of secrets
Nim`s island
James Bond : Quantum of solace
Righteous kill
Rush hour 3
Seven Pounds
Space chimps
Star wars the clone wars
Step brothers
Surfer Dude
Superhero movie
The bucket list
The eye
The forbidden kingdom
The golden compass
The happening
The hogfather
the love guru
the other boelyn girl
The rocker
The bank job
The chronicles of narnia prince caspian
The duchess
The incredible hulk
Transporter 3
Tropic thunder
What happens in vegas.avi
Xfiles2 (r5).avi
You dont mess with the zohan.avi
Zack.and.miri.make.a.porno(No mary this isn`t what it sounds like, well certain scene`s yes they are, it`s actually a comedy)
Zoom academy

This is a list of what I got movie wise, Please check out : IMDB for information on the movie or Trailer Addict for trailers of the movies. I can bring these up with us. Highly recommended`s from me would be :
Madagascar 2
Seven Pounds(New will smith movie, haven`t watched it yet but supposed to be good)
Kung Fu Panda the secrets of the furious 5(Kind of a DVD extra if you haven`t bought the DVD)
Burn After Reading(kinda takes a while but worth it in the end)
Gran Torino (New Clint Eastwood Movie)
James Bond : Quantum of Solace(It`s James bond for crying out loud)
That`s the major`s for now, unless something new comes out in the next couple of days.

Very disappointed at the lack of Blog update`s recently, Kim......Amy......I`m looking in your direction here, Kirsty has a reason, what`s your excuse??

Alright until I feel the need to outpour again, Goodnight. Bye.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Breakfast, shopping etc.

So the day started off with Adele waking me up early(like 9 o'clock) it was early to me cause my body had woken at 2:30 and refused to go back to sleep till like 6 so it was early.

Had breakfast at Central Cafe in Queanbeyan(HIGHLY RECOMMENDED) this thing beats the Whale breakfast at Shelley`s(well except for the view:Whale`s/Dolphin`s Vs Wogs, you judge). Came with like 4 sausages, 4 rashers of bacon, 2 eggs, a tomato cut in half and fried as well as chips. Now add to this score I also got Adele`s Tomato and her 2 eggs, and you have a massive protein breakfast, I`m still thinking about it now. We met Adele`s Parents for a christmas catchup as I will be asleep all christmas day.Yay....NOT. We then went to the Cheap DVD shop at Riverside, where I was good and didn`t buy anymore (I did find a couple more that I wanted, but I didn`t really want them), but Adele`s mother bought some :).

We then went to the computer fair, cause I`m trying to fix someone`s computer but this didn`t prove successful as they don`t have Power Supplies for Acer computer`s out there, over to e-bay I guess.

We then went shopping and finished our christmas present shopping, Well we still have to buy each other christmas presents as well, but we`re doing that tomorrow. Mary still waiting on your IWOOT post. But hehehe we did find something awesome for you anyway, just gotta find something else :).

Well i`m pretty sure Kirsty and crew, are travelling, so they`re forgiven their update's but what has happened to everyone else, Kim?? AJ?? Ginny?? it`s like deathly silent. Anyway. I`m out. Bye.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Just to make sure

Hehehe Mr T Duck. From click the picture) so many I want it`s not funny, just start ordering :). Bye.

The Blog which gets rid of Miaowing

Hopefully this blog banishes the Miaowing to the older posts section. It`s been fun having it up there but won`t miss it really.

So it`s time for days off, unfortunately i`m so tired, takes a long time for me to catch up to the rest of the world, then its time to go back to work, the 24/7 people all tell me it takes about 3 months to start going alright with it, so here`s hoping.

I`m off to do christmas shopping today. Adele left me money now I just have to ask her what she wants me to get, if anyone is reading this I may be calling you for hints, Mary, Al, Beth, Kirsty this all means you need to think about what your other half`s/children want, I think that`s it.

well that`s about it, Cya all. Let`s see if the Miaowing is gone. Bye.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

What Christmas Present am I?

I`m a Christmas Sweater!

Over the top, colorful, and totally flashy.

You're not afraid to be a little tacky.

New Post

Well, another 4 days off starts, as usual, as I have been up all night I will be spending this one asleep. Just getting the new will smith movie. then i`ll be heading to bed, had to just about pry Adele away from my computer as she has been reading those Twilight books on here(We need a 2nd laptop).

Had a Strawberry Milkshake Poptart for breakfast, was yummy, apparently there is 2 retail places in Australia I know of now to get poptarts, 1 at Warringah mall in Sydney and 1 in a Mall in Newcastle, so next time we drive up the coast, we`ll do a run through Newcastle.

Very exciting news about Clare working as a solicitor next year, congrats Clare.

Very Excited, I`ve gone international. Somone in the UK has viewed my Blog, Yay.

Well, I`m exhausted, Going to bed, I`ve Blogged Mary but may I point out even though I`ve been working I have blogged more than AJ, Kim You and even My beautiful Wife. Thankyou Signing off. Bye.

Monday, December 15, 2008


Been a few Potato Heads come out that I want to join my potato posse :

Spud Trooper

Spuda Fett
Princess Tater

Luke Frywalker
Indy Tater
Darth Mash
Artoo Potatoo

Nightmare on Elm Street DVD Set :

And I really need a USB Flash Drive, 4Gb or above good stocking filler....Hint Hint.
And I`m desperate for HDD space, 1Tb drive, 750Gb, prefer not less than 750Gb, Kim has done well in this dept, I don`t care if it`s firewire compatible as I have USB 2.0.

Well hopefully i`ll sleep well tonight. Bye.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

K So when I got to work this morning at the ungodly hour of 7am, it was to find the boss had tasked the weekend staff with the job of decorating our area for christmas. Now us being the Bah Humbug types at work, we decided we would put decorations up as directed, but we would use our discretion and put them up in a fairly limited area, the limited area being around his desk. So I present Santa`s Vomit :

I was impressed, would have looked better but I ran out of tinsel. Would have got more but ran out of time. Whew, think its time to add a heap more blogs and get that annoying cat christmas carol thing off the front page.

I like this new feedjit widget I have, I can see who has visited, I`ve had people from Melbourne, Sydney, Toukley some place called Tintenbar ;) lol. haven`t gone international yet, but i`m waiting. Aight time for Die Hard 2. Bye.

Friday, December 12, 2008


"Have You Checked the Children"

Remember this? The one where the babysitter gets the calls from someone saying "Have you Checked the children?" and its the killer who`s killed the kids and is inside the house with her despite the fact she`s locked all the doors.....One of Mary`s $1 horror specials that warped and twisted my sensitive young mind? I got it and the Sequel on DVD for $5 each, there is a cool cheap DVD shop at Riverside Plaza, looks fairly temporary, not a huge range but I got some specials :
Big Trouble In Little China
Leon : The Professional
Running Scared
The Saint
The Untouchables
Team America : World Police
Tank Girl.
So as you can see none from my want list below, but some cool movies anyway.

So I do have one to add to my want list :
For all those of you who have not seen Batman : The Dark Knight, WATCH IT. it is a fantastic movie, it should be watched at the Cinema but if you cant, get thee to a Hi-Def LCD/Plasma and watch the Blu-Ray copy. If you cant do that, just watch the copy I provided.

So its a rainy day here, Kitty is all sooky cause its wet and he can`t go out without wetting his little feets....Awwwww. No really he`s a sook. He`s been asleep in the cupboard most of the day, shedding all over my pyjama`s.

That`s about all my news for now. Bye.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Special IWOOT Post

Onesie Pyjama`s, haven`t decided between the Drop Down Seat model or the Hoodie model, of course I`ll need them in Xtra Large.

Delirious with lack of sleep, going to go to bed soon. Night all. Bye

Friday, December 5, 2008

Yay, the wife has returned for a full 18 hours, before she`d had enough of me and headed north, j/k she`s off to Sydney with her mother to do wedding dress shopping with her least that`s what i`ve been told, I haven`t investigated further.

So on with the post, this is another IWOOT post as there has been a bit of a lapse and christmas is thundering down upon us like a freight train, So direct from Kogan :
The first Google Android OS phone released in Australia, please click on the phone for the link, PS enter KGNBUCK in the coupon code part at the checkout for a 5% discount(this just about covers the postage). This is unless someone wants to import me a G1 from T-Mobile in the US, they are available on E-Bay.

I also would like a Remote for the PS3 as I have to use the controller at the moment which isn`t very user friendly quite frankly, as per usual click on the pic for a link.

I also would like DVD`s, now everyone always forgoe`s this as they say "We don`t know what you want" insert your favourite variation on this phrase. So here it is for all :
My DVD Want List for this Christmas :
TV Series :
3rd Rock from the sun : From Season 3 Onwards
Air Wolf : Seasons 1,2,3
Astro Boy : 1960`s : Volume 2
Bewitched : Seasons 2-6
Black Adder : Complete Series
Chronicles of Narnia : Complete Box Set
Different Stroke`s : Season 2
Due South : All Seasons
Dukes of Hazard : All Seasons
Family Guy : From Season 3 onwards
Family Ties : All Seasons
Fantasy Island : Complete Series
Fawlty Towers : Complete Series
Fresh Prince of Bel Air : Season 4
Get Smart : All Seasons
Golden Girls : All Seasons
Hale & Pace : Complete Collection
Hogan`s Heroes : All Seasons
Home Improvement : All Seasons
Keeping Up Appearances : Complete Box Set
Knight Rider : All Seasons
Little Britain : From Season 2 Onwards
Lois and Clark : From Season 3 onwards
LOST : Seasons 2,3 & 4
Macgyver : All Seasons
Monkey : The Complete Collection
Monty Python`s Flying Circus
Mork & Mindy : Season 2 & 3
Muppet Show : All Seasons
Ned & Stacy : Season 1
Perfect Strangers : All Seasons
Quantum Leap : Season 5
Red Dwarf : Just the Smegs & Beat the Geek
Round The Twist : Complete Box set
Seaquest DSV : All Seasons
Sliders : All Seasons
Spongebob Squarepants : from Season 3 onwards
The A-Team : All Seasons
The Cosby Show : Season 1,4,5,6.
The Dresden Files : Season 1
The Flash : Complete Series
The Goodies : The Final Episodes
The Simpsons : Season 9 & 11
The X-Files Season 6
Transformers : The complete Collection

Movies :
Clear And Present Danger
Chasing Amy
Indiana Jones : Kingdom of the crystal Skulls (2-Disc)
Jaws 2 & 3
Star Trek Movie`s : 1,2,5,6,7,8,9,10
The Evil Dead 2 & Evil Dead 3 : Army Of Darkness (Special Editions of either)
The Great Muppet Caper
The Muppet Movie
Twilight Zone : The Movie
Xfiles 2

Blu-Ray :
The Fifth Element
Terminator 2
Batman : The Dark Knight

Now most of these were found off either the JBHifi Website or the Ezydvd website. So best off looking there first if you`re in doubt.

So it`s back to work for me tomorrow. 2 Day`s and then 2 nights, i`ll be back in day off land to sleep all day on Wednesday. Talk to you all soon. Bye.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Day Off Time again

So i`ve finished my 4 mad days, and slept most of today, that must mean its time for some time off, well i`m off to see Paul tomorrow, to see about some new seats for the Commodore as the one`s that are in there are kinda sorta screwed.
The wife is in Adelaide for the week, for all those who don`t read her Blog. So it`s Pizza/Hot Dog`s/Wedge`s & Beer for Dinner all week Yaaay, But on the other hand the wife isn`t here....Booooo :(.

I did pretty good for Adele`s Birthday before I ran over budget(teeheehee I love present shopping), as per usual I got her a Friend`s DVD(Think it`s time to nearly finish off with these as she want`s other series now and it`ll take forever to buy these DVD`s one Christmas/Birthday at a time), Then she had requested a Tacklebox/Toolbox for her Beadmaking, so insert running around time here, I searched : Bunnings, Target, K-mart, Big-W and finally Rod`s and Tackle in Queanbeyan(most disappointed that Tiny from the ad wasn`t there, I like`s celebrities even minor local one`s) and got her the largest one I could find that matched her description of what she wanted. Then I headed to Michael Hill Jeweller as per usual and hit up the excellent staff in there who have taken care of my Jewellery needs since we started dating really, they`ve seen us through the engagement and wedding and every Christmas and birthday since, they do a good job, as I like to get Adele some new gold every time. Then when I got home(having spent the budget) I discovered that Lips had been released on Xbox (it`s the singstar equivalant for 360) which we had been waiting for since we borrowed Singstar off a girl at work(We both love Karaoke but I really shouldn`t do it in public unless completely drunk) So I went and grabbed it the next day from K-mart (Got it for $20 off RRP yay me) then Adele`s mother took care of Birthday Dinner and Cake so it was fantastic, Good job MI-L(Mother In-Law).

Watched the new Bond over my shift weekend. Well what can I say, it`s starting to lose the Bondishness, what do I mean by that, it`s the one liner`s he used to pull, the gadget`s he used to use, I think since Q stopped being in it its just gone away from what it used to be, although I must say its more true to the books now than the movies, so I dont really know, as a movie to watch its pretty good and I don`t think anyone will be bored, but it really needs to bring back a few things in the next one, i`m again happy with Daniel Craig as Bond(Clive Owen would have been better) just want to see some flippant throwaway lines, gadgets and Bond bedding 5-6 women per movie(I know how sexist).

So plans for the next couple of days are to get some house work done early so I can concentrate on relaxing. Gonna try and get the lawn done as well, Bloody summer. Anyway, have a good one all. Bye.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Oh Rapturous Joy

Getting Eagle Eye and the new James Bond, will have to watch the new Bond on my own as Adele doesnt like James. She feels his antic`s are a little too far fetched, the only uncultured thing about my wife.

Anyway I got all of Adele`s birthday shopping done, even managed to get a bargain on it. Can`t wait for tomorrow so I can give her, her presents.

Had training for most of today, had to go back to work after the training was complete, had to do a test and get an 85% pass mark on it. Still it was an open book test so I think I got the pass mark.

Foot still hurting, have to go get some dinner. Cya. Bye.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Back to work tomorrow

Gotta go back to work tomorrow. :(
Got Adele`s Birthday shopping done, well except for one thing(which I only just remembered). Mwahahaha I can`t tell you cause little miss sneaky pants will read my blog. Hopefully she doesn`t find the presents, had to wrap them and everything.

Anyway, back to work tomorrow, gonna watch The Mentalist and Bones tonight. Adele is cooking me Pizza as we speak, I hurt my foot somehow today whilst shopping, it was a big day obviously.

Has everyone checked out Kim`s blog yet? BigmanIndustries Isn`t it great to find out you`re not the only person who uses the laptop/phone in the toilet. Teeheehee. Still a kiss for Mary :*(I washed my hands before blowing it).

Hope Mary went ok at the funeral today I did think about her.

Alright that`s it. Bye.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Day off 3

Ok, so I am on my third day off, technically my first day off is spent sleeping so it doesn`t really count.

I just bummed around mos t of the day, went down to riverside plaza and had a wander round, cause I usually just hide in the house all day if Adele isn`t here to make me leave, could be me just not liking crowds of people, but I should try to get out of here more often. Anyway, went down had a browse around, bought 2 yeast donuts from Donut king for Dessert tonight(1 Pink and 1 Chocolate) cause I been hassling Adele for a pink yeast donut at about 11 o'clock at night for I dont know how long, and I got some Bakers Delight bread cause Adele like`s it. Then came back home.

Currently doing today`s downloads : NCIS, The Mentalist and Fringe. Already watched Chuck and Heroes yesterday. Hope to watch them tonight with the wifey poo`s.

So, finally worked out who the hell Edward Cullen is from Kirsty`s Blog....Yes think i`ll give twilight a miss, I`ve heard good things about Tru Blood if you`re after Vampire`s but its a little more adult in theme`s.

So anyway, Have to do Adele`s Birthday shopping tomorrow(It`s on Saturday for those who forgot), being payday and all. Also thought whilst I`m out i`ll get some ingredients and make some savoury muffins in the mini-muffin trays.

Anyway that`s about it. Bye.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Post 24/7 run

Well, it`s tiring, but I do like being up all night, unfortunately it will take a while to adjust.

Big ups to the wild weather in Brisbane for making my night shifts just that little bit more interesting, you guys have had a wild ride, and i`ve been with u almost every step of the way, hope its looking a little quieter now, even managed to keep the Call Centre going for all you poor buggar`s hit by the storms and needing a hand out. Clare have you thought of throwing a few tiles off the roof and filing a claim with Centrelink??

Anyway, back to normal life mode now, I did end up buying Macca`s for breakfast but did it on Sunday Morning when I felt Adele would have time to savour it.

I`ve done some washing and stuff this morning, about to watch a new UK show called survivors about people who survive a virus that wipes out most of the population(sounds like 28 days later, don`t know if there`s zombies yet).

Anyhoo, thoughts are with Kirsty for coming in 2nd or 3rd in SYTYCS comp. We thought you did good. I could have joined the Blog to vote if you`d wanted, I can scrapbook real good I think....well maybe if I can stop myself eating the clag for 5 mins.

Alright, time to put some washing out and watch Survivors. Also gonna think about what Muffins I can make this week, thinking savoury, something with Cheese and Pepperoni. Aight, Bye.

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Well started the new roster today, 12 hour shift, seems ok, not too many problems....buggar forgot the iRAS check. Hmm, ah well someone else will do it.

Anyway. I like this 4 days on 4 days off thing, I could get to like it, although ask me again on Monday morning as I arrive home from my second overnight shift. Hmm, maybe I can grab macca`s on the way home....No that`s not a promise when you read this my darling ;).

So yeah, I think Adele has caught you up with everything on her blog, I cooked muffins, we watched Madagascar 2.

Thats about it. Cya. Bye.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Good News and Bad News

Good News : I`m on the 24/7 roster which means more money for us.
Bad News : Because of this I now will miss Christmas at home :(.

I`ll be flying up Boxing Day at night hopefully and staying for a few days, feel bad but its a great opportunity and i`m hoping to still see everyone there.

Alright thats about it. Bye.

Monday, November 10, 2008


Well what a weekend.
Up at 5 o'clock on Saturday, raining....that`d be right. Ladder in the car, collapsible chairs in the car. Cardboard for signs in the car. Trolley yep, check all done, lets go.
Aunt`s place by 6am, its dark, Adele`s parents not there yet. Pause waiting for them to arrive.
2mins later they arrive, phew. Shed unlocked, trestle`s out. Start getting everything out from inside the house. Still drizzle at this stage so bit hesitant to put everything out. First customer at 6:15 NOT AN INDIAN!!!!!! OMG. Steady stream of customers till 7:30(Glad we specified starting at 7am), whilst we get all the stuff out from inside. Eventually I get a rest and a coffee from the lovely lady next door, who even supplies toast with Vegemite spread in the correct way(Piled on thick). Signs get made by me and then put out(Mary would be proud of me). Damn not enough cardboard, only enough for one out the front and one either end of the street(Mary would be disappointed, not enough signs to steer customers in from as far afield as liverpool and melbourne).
Adele`s Dad then decides that as the garage sale is progressing, now is a good time to have a look at the shed. Flash forward 3 hours, 2 spiders, and a near collapse of the shed. All in pieces, Adele has sold the fibreglass sheets(Mary I swear I may have inbred on this one, its like there`s Reid blood in there). all pieces on Trailer. Garage sale over, retrieve signs. all over by 1:00pm too tired to move, home by some miracle am able to move arms enough to steer car and change gear(clutch work is a bit rough though, I think that leg is asleep already), lunch, sleep, think there was some suggestion of dinner, but its a vague recollection at this stage, do remember wife rubbing Voltaren gel into Arms before sleep though.

No Where near as much hardwork today, but damn, first item lifted and my back can see where this is going and decides to revolt, Seized up, but i`m not taking it, so I soldier on and we carry all the bedroom suite out to the people who bought it`s trailer, decide to walk double bed base up to their house, its only 4 houses over and across the road, get there and my back is comparing this trek to one performed by World War 2 vet`s across the Kokoda track. Finally its over, thats out. Wardrobe from spare bedroom(i`m thinking this thing was assembled on the bare slab and the house built around it), Eventually we get it away from the walls and lined up to go out, am accosted by Dust Bunnies the size of largish wallabies. After Adele`s Mum`s friend comes and cleans them all with her vacuum cleaner we start trying to move it. Discover that dust bunnies still exist on the end of the cupboard i`m supposed to be lifting, valiantly fight the dust bunnies in a duel to the death, then lift the cupboard out. Park it on the front lawn with a FREE PLEASE TAKE ME sign in a vain attempt to get out of moving the damn thing again. Remove all Venetian blinds and mounts from windows, OMG the house is filled with light, its not a cave. Deliver Trestle tables back to Belconnen and pick up well Deserved macca`s for lunch(not game to say that I could have polished of everything we bought as an entree at that stage I was famished). Get back to discover the ploy has worked the lady across the road has spied the wardrobe and her loving removalist husband will be removing it post haste. Thats pretty much it for the weekend, the rest involves me sleeping, moaning every time I had to move and to be honest can`t remember much except the pain in my arms and shoulders.

Alrighty then, Picture`s will follow when Adele can chase her sister down to get them. Bye.

Friday, November 7, 2008

The Slanket

Oh yes indeedy, gotta have one of these :

The Slanket, looks warm as.

Anyway, week is over, albeit a shortened 3 day week this week, thanks to Mary`s Visit :).
Weekend begins tomorrow at 5am for the big Garage Sale, have to go make some signs. Well, good luck to you all, time for some Bones and Life. Bye.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Special Post

La Linea, anyone who watched ABC TV in the late 80's early 90's would know what this is, finally found out the reason I could never understand what he was saying was that he was speaking Italian, anyway it doesn`t matter what he says cause the visual`s were so good, so anyway, this is a special IWOOT post cause I found this.

Damn Forgot to Update the Blog

So its been a while.
The biggest most exciting thing to happen since last Post is Mary`s visit, yep, she came down and stayed with us for 5 days, we had lots of fun just relaxing, sitting in Massage chairs, I think Adele saw who egged me on as a child now after she watched Mary and I in the chairs at Harvey`s for what I must say was a very relaxing hour or so. Anyway, thanks Mary we loved having you here, and would love to have you back anytime.

Second most exciting thing was getting my surround sound, love it love it love it. Don`t love the fact the receiver doesn`t fit in our entertainment unit so we`ll have to start looking round for a new one, not right now, but eventually. Buggar.

So thats about it, I am excited about the proposed new Google Android Phone maybe getting released in Australia by Kogan. Will be getting one of these to play with.

So IWOOT`s for this blog post. Hmm, well I need some Books, I been reading a series called the Dresden Files which is basically a grown up Harry Potter but without Ron/Hermione or the annoying characters, its great, anyway : ANY OF THE HARDCOVER Books from the Dresden Files, you can find them on the website he currently has a mini novella type book out through Amazon called Backup which I want as well, and also he has started releasing comics, now I dont have any of his books, so any and all would be good.

So thats about it, time to go forage for something for dinner. So Bye.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Special Post for Sam

Which Uncle do you think rocks the most? (Trick question I know)
Well how about, Which Uncle is burning Star Wars : The Clone Wars for his Nephew and sending it with 5 episodes of the Star Wars : The Clone Wars TV Show??

I Know it`ll take a lot to answer that seeing Kim is such a pirate. Speaking of which, crap forgot to ring him.....hmm do you reckon I can lie and say I called him, but got no answer?? might sneak it in.

Anyway Mary arrives for 5 days tonight, got the next 5 days off work, apparently we`re hitting DFO to see whats there, I guess I`m going to hold shopping bags.

Alright take care Kids. Bye.

Monday, October 27, 2008

I Challenge Y'all

How good is that score, Mary I need a new game, its addictive.

Anyway, the weekend, got a Whipper Snipper, was sick of borrowing Adele`s Dad`s cause I can never get the damn thing started, its easy for him, I just can`t do it, so I got an electric one, it is freaking awesome.
Did some spraying around the house for spiders etc. so hopefully that`ll protect us for a while.

Back to work today, the wife isnt feeling too well so i`ll go cook dinner shortly, maybe just one quick game of Bubbles.

Cya Bye.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Meet Barry

Barry is the newest addition to the Tyson Menagerie, he is actually rather tiny considering how big Steve used to be, be good fun watching him grow up, i`ll post more shots as he grows.

This is my top score on that game on Mary`s blog, was quite proud of myself, i`ll probably feel dumb when someone beats it with no problems but this is my best at the moment, i`m quite addicted to it.

Now to continue the IWOOT theme from the last couple of posts :
So everyone knows I do like National Lampoon`s : Christmas Vacation. If you click the link there is a variety of Christmas Vacation related merchandise you can buy(Jello of the month club, Moose Eggnog cups) or if you want head over to a shop and buy me the DVD, I don`t actually have it and it is one of my fave`s.

Now to get into a Plush theme :
Amazon actually has a whole heap of plush Alien Toys, above is a sample :).

For those of you cool enough to recognise the above, I`ll have a Killer Rabbit from Monty Python`s Quest for the Holy Grail.

Now I thought these were cute :

Available in 3 different types.

So anyway, I`ve been busy at work and with Adele`s aunt etc moving her out of her house and into the "Aged Care Facility" they`re not called nursing homes now I have been told. Mary is coming next week, I`m trying to get days off but we`ll see how it goes. Haven`t told her we`re actually going out the Saturday Night she is here yet, but we figure she`ll be right, we`ll just tell her to book Donna in to come see her out here, the house is hers for the night, We`re off to see David Strassman for Ted E Bare`s final tour.

But anyway, time for My Own Worst Enemy(new show from the US staring Christian Slater) then could be NCIS time as a new one has just about finished.

Alrighty, Catch you later. Bye.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Saturday Tales

Continuing the IWOOT Theme for Christmas Ideas :
I believe a single stock from a company would be a good idea(Unless of course the rich relatives i`ve never met, want to buy me a 1000 or more), Coke, Microsoft Anything will do I reckon(except Apple cause they suck{I`m looking at my sister-in-law here}).

I already have an acre of land on the moon, what I really need is an acre on Mars and Venus, thus I begin my intergalactic domination. I`m not too sure on the legality of this, but I like the idea anyway, its not as if i`ll ever really get to view it. although if I ever get round to it, I can actually show you a high res shot of my land on the moon, it`s black.

I would also like a star named after me, what better way to show how much of a star I am.

I also think that Laird and Lady Tyson has a nice ring to it, It`s a legal name classification(though fairly useless), it`s also a hereditary title, so any offspring would be the future Laird or Lady Tyson, I`d be classed as a Scottish land owner, then I can get my Kilt, Sporrin and Bag Pipes.

Since we moved out of Stirling, I haven`t actually been able to find my original Leatherman, so I`m at a bit of a loss, I used to use if for everything, now I`m kind of at a loss.

Wouldn`t mind one of the above for my Desk at work

Tells someone how you like your Tea/Coffee. Thought this was a good idea.

So, Saturday was fairly boring/relaxing, still looking for any excuse to take smoking up again, I have SMS`d the quit line and they said they are sending me a QUIT pack. So maybe some free patches?? they`re damned expensive, its pretty much the same as smoking, but obviously with a patch, you don`t get the satisfaction or enjoyment from having the cigarette.

Kitty has been playing with Nemesis Kitty from next door, I think a change of name to BFF Kitty, as they seem to be great mates. There is a dead bird in our yard, that we couldn`t agree on who killed it, Azrael seemed fairly satisfied with himself, so it may be our little boy has gotten his first kill.

Spent the rest of the day watching Bathurst qualifying, and I did find out an interesting fact, Jesus is a Holden fan, judging from the fact that the Jesus racing team drives a Commodore. Sorry still not enough to get me back to a church people.

As you can tell from the variety and quantity of the IWOOT things added today, I spent a fair amount of time in here in the computer room, whilst Adele and co. were being creative downstairs last night, so all was not in vain.

Alrighty then, time to cook a bbq, got beer for tomorrow, I started a trend of getting absolutely rip roaring drunk on Bathurst day last year, and intend to follow up this year :).

That is all, Good Night. Bye.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Theme continues, what better than a couple of Blue`s Brother`s Rubber Duckies for the bath :
Day 4 of no smoking, ready to kill someone, this could be a good thing or a bad thing, haven`t decided yet.

My lovely wife bought me Iron Man(Metal Man to you Kirsty, you philistine) in Blu-Ray as my first Blu-Ray movie, Yay, looks good in full 1080P. Love my Sony TV.

Peace of Mind have come through with $489 for the Omni TV, but we are still short $80 odd dollars, as they are saying this is for servicing the tv. Now it says nothing in our warranty booklet about "servicing" the tv, so basically they picked a bad week to get me on, as not smoking has really fired up my argument skills. Now once JB HiFi open at DFO, we will take a trip out to see what we can get as an opening special in the 32" range, i`d like to get a 32" with 1080P resolution as i`d like to keep the resolution but at this stage my price doesnt extend to the amount they want, so fingers crossed for a good opening special.

Anyway, Adele is entertaining a few hundred ladies tonight so I will be hiding here in the office for a while. Alright time to watch some Mythbusters. Bye.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Paint, Christmas, and Boring Tulips

Well, Christmas draws ever closer, so to continue the Iwoot theme :
I believe I would be a great Action Star, and to Celebrate this I would like my own personalised Action Figure Yes I would be awesome, and you can buy extra`s to give to friends and family, basically anyone else who could benefit from my Awesomeness.

Paint. We have finally decided on paint colours :
The Ecru Half Strength will be going on Doors(as a gloss) Walls(as a matte) and the Hog`s Bristle Full will be going on Door Frame`s, Skirting Boards etc. Big Up`s to Adele`s parents for finalising(and partly....well mostly financing) the paint choices.

We did the Tulip Gardens on Saturday, As you can all imagine this was not really the highlight of my weekend. For photo`s see Adele`s Blog she also went to Floriade, but we all know that you can have too many tulips, so I declined the honour of going to Floriade.

I have given up smoking, as of today, its day one, the first one to comment about this will be the cause of me taking it back up again, I don't want to hear congratulations, encouragement, nothing, no comments, no emails, no phone calls, no text messages, messenger pigeons, smoke signals. NOTHING. The first one to mention it will be forever branded as the iceberg who sank the Titanic, I will go and buy a pack at the first moment someone mentions it. CLEAR PEOPLE???

Right. Thats about it, I reckon, Shout outs to the bro/sis-in-law O/S. A big hoi hoi to Natalie, good work on updating your blog, we need more. AJ gets a pat on the back, whats that 2 posts inside a week, are you fatigued now???

As Adele just ate my chips, I`m gonna see if there is anything else to munch upon. Thats it. Bye.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Christmas is Coming

Time to start getting the IWOOT(I Want One Of These, Different in Context to WOOT, which is a meme in itself) stuff out in the open as we`re now on the downhill slide to christmas. Yay!!!!! I had a whole heap of these but since the computer crash I havent been able to get my favourite links back, so I`ve been trying to remember them, here`s 1 :

Storm Trooper Hoodie(also comes in Boba Fett style, I will accept that as an alternative)

The next one I remember is one Adele appreciated as well :

That is all for now, as usual click on the pic to go to the website to order them.

BTW I`m still open to any and all DVD`s, preferably check with Adele first, and refer to the list on the right for updates of DVD`s I own. Blu-Ray is always acceptable as well.

Can`t really think of anything else to say tonight. Peace out. Bye.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I have a clearance

I have now got my Protected Security Clearance, time to start looking for jobs, they did mention at work the other day we would be taking over Medicare IT, and part of that would be on-site support, Hmm, wonder if I could get Brisbane. Time to talk to the wife, I`m sure we could sell this house and move.

Not much happening other than that, we`re now into Criminal Minds, although not quite as good as Bones. Adele is down watching Brothers and Sisters at the moment, its great all the shows are coming back.

Anyway, I`m offski, Bye.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Nearly the weekend

Well, its nearly the weekend, so need to have a relax, but the lawns and outside need doing, so we`ll be into it.

Nearly finished Bones now, got 3 episodes to go, then we`ll start Criminal Minds, Maybe LOST before that, probably should catch up on that. Then we should watch some of the movies we have as well.

Not too much going on at the moment, had a BBQ at work today that I organised. Made $170 dollars profit, soo much work put into it though.

Thats about it really, time for eating I thinks. Can`t wait to see Kim and Beth back from Holidays and get some pictures etc(we`ve been over my aversion to facebook before).

Alrighty, See you all next time. Bye.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Weekend Draws to a close

Well another weekend finished.

I started the weekend by installing a Plasma TV for a lady at work, I work cheap, I do it for cheesecake :
Got 2 of the above cheesecakes, will be munching this one tonight :) Mmmmm Triple Choc Cheesecake.

I then put together our new entertainment unit and bookshelf :

I cant take credit for filling the bookshelves, Adele did that.

I have introduced Mary to icanhascheesburger after she sent me a funny photo of her holding effie : Caption will be on the lines of : Gimme Treaties or I cutz her jugular

Aight, Peace out, Bye.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Day Off

I had a day off today, I figured after not having a weekend, I kinda deserved it so I used some of my flex to treat myself.

I`ve spent the entire day rebuilding the laptop in the hope of connecting my external hard drive to it, I`m pleased to say this has been successful, so now I just need to set the laptop up again for the network which I`m sure will prove interesting.

Hmm, must fit a snooze in at some stage, I have to go pick my wife up around 10 from Belconnen as she is planning on having a few drinks with her friends. So I get to stay home and sober for a change?!?!?!

Haven`t quite gotten to assembling the bookshelves or entertainment unit, I figured I will wait till the wife is home to give me a hand. Kitty has loved having me home all day, he is such a sook sometimes, he comes in the cat door, and Miaows till I come give him a pat, this can be as short as a stroke and then he`s off again, other times he insists on being picked up.

Well as the laptop is nearly done, I should be able to get some photo`s up again, must find something to take a photo of.

Aight, out. Bye.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Finished Testing

It`s over, done with, finished. Well not all of it, but my part is, for that matter I don`t really care actually. All I care about is that its finished.

I saw some nice stuff in the Target catalogue and thought we might have a look at it, but after talking to the guys at Target, they apparently have a heap of people after the limited stock that they have. So we actually went in this afternoon and purchased it.
TV Cabinet and Cube Bookshelves, both in the chocolate brown colour. Hopefully this will give us some room to put all the stuff near the TV into a neat area, and let us put our books out, well some of them anyway.

Season 2 of Criminal Minds is coming down now, season 1 has finished. So just gotta get into some Bones, we didn`t manage to watch any Bones last night, cause Adele had to watch NCIS. Can`t wait, NCIS is back in 2 weeks. Will be fun.

Anyway thats about it for today. I do have to go back to Tuggeranong tomorrow to pick up the Bookshelves and the cabinet, it`s kinda too large for a car, so we needed the Father-In-Law`s trailer. So another early morning awaits, YAAAY.

I could survive for 1 minute, 19 seconds chained to a bunk bed with a velociraptor

Created by Bunk Beds Pedia

Aight, till next time, Bye.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

1 Day to go of Testing

1 day to go, then its back to the usual grind, I`ve chased up about my clearance and the guy in charge will call the Australian Vetting Service tomorrow to chase it up.

Looks like Criminal Minds has won, Season 1 is on its way down now. Sorry Mick, never got into the Soprano`s or Dexter, I actually do have them, just never really grabbed me, and I tend to hoard so I wont delete them. I do have some more movies to send you guys, when I get a chance to burn them.

Sorry to disappoint fella`s, no intention to move to Brisbane in the near future, we did kinda just buy a house here, so we would like to live in it for a little while at least.

I have Nexium again, and a 3 litre bottle of milk, I don`t think the milk is going to last long, good news is my bones have the tensile strength of steel :).

That`s about it, my main interest in updating the blog was to put the joke up, someone sent it to me yesterday and it made me laugh.

Aight, Out. Bye.

Monday, September 15, 2008

So Very, Very Tired

I`ve just realised that i`m out of Nexium, it`s gonna be a rough night.
I can feel the heart burn going already :(, i`ve stocked up on milk, had some panadol and i`m heading to bed early. I`ll hit the chemist first thing in the morning.

Into season 3 of Bones now, really cool series, hadn`t realised it was any good, but I do recommend it. Unfortunately getting close to the end of the available episodes, time to find something else to get. Any recommendations?? No I don`t want any suggestions of Desperate Housewives, Grey`s Anatomy or any other girly crap, I want good drama, not sappy soaps.

The testing is progressing, but I feel I achieved the sum total of nothing today, its the most dis-organised mess I have ever seen, still we must all soldier on and try and achieve a positive outcome or nothing will get changed. I should start looking around for new jobs now to see what I can find, hmm, maybe I should try some contracting? Well it`d be more money, but no holidays or sick leave or anything, although generally I don`t take much of either so probably not that big a deal, but I`d kinda like to stay in the public service.

Kim and Beth seem to be having a great time over in Europe, can`t wait to see some photo`s, wish they`d blog, cause I don`t facebook, yes there is a simple reason for that, Identity theft. There i`ve said my piece and revealed my paranoid side.

The Omni TV is now officially dead and Peace of Mind(David Jone`s Warranty company) has advised they will be cutting us a cheque for a refund to send out in the next week. So its shopping for a 32" LCD now, I found one for just under $900(Reckon you can do me a deal Kim??) so I gotta chuck in some cash on top of the cheque we`ll get for the Omni, but then I guess that`s one of the reasons I like over time :), I think I`ve decided that this one will go in the Bedroom on a nice wall mount, it should look quite nice and allow Adele to have the top of her Dresser back...well mostly, i`ll have the old Xbox 1 console setup as a media player, just gotta run some cable to the computer room, so I can network it into the PC so we can watch stuff in bed.

So it`s all going well this side. Big Shout out and happy birthday to my Nephew, Was way too tired when I got home and was too late by the time I woke up to call, so I`ll call him tomorrow.

Alright, peace out, Bye.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

More Testing

Damn, I don`t think Overtime is worth it, I want sleep, soo tired.

Anyway, i`m here alone, Adele is up at the hospital, her Aunt is not going too well, Umm, I guess she`s in need of prayers, i`m not real good on that stuff, so over to my family who is good at it. Thanks.

Not much else to say really. Bye.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

No Rest for the Wicked

Well, the wife tells me i`m lovely not wicked, but I must be doing something wrong. Still its overtime, but I think i`d like to have a couple of weekends off. Oh well.

Gonna be a long couple of days doing this testing, we finally got all the testing doco out of the way, well its all written and ready to go, just gotta sort out the methods for performing the test, Oh I can`t wait for my security clearance to come through so I can start looking for other jobs, I just want to go to work and come home and forget about work, why do people insist on giving me more responsibility, maybe I should intentionally stuff up a few times?!?!?! Hmm I can power the whole data centre down for a week or I dont want prison, just an incompentent reputation.

Watching some more Bones at the moment, Adele has watched episode 3 of 90215604832....whatever its called, I think she may have a new show for me to get for her every week. All of my favourite shows are starting to come back on in the US so I can finally start watching some, but I do need to catch up on Bones, its a good series, unfortunately I got Adele into it, so now I need to watch it with her, which don`t get me wrong I like watching stuff with her, its just trying to find time when we are both free to watch it.

Adele is out at the Boat House on the lake, testing venues with her parents and sister(& future brother in-law) I probably should be with them, but i`m wrecked, I would like some time to have a "Weekend" even if its not during the day, and I`ve been there a couple of times anyway, so I know what it`s like, standard fancy food that I don`t eat, so looks like another wedding that I stop at Macca`s on the way home :). Although Clare says she`s organising me a kids meal for her wedding, Big Ups to Clare :).

Alright, the cat is wanting a drink again, so I`m offski before he puts his head down the toilet again. Bye.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

All Connected

Console`s are both connected now, I can view stuff off my PC. Yay!!! So we`re back to watching Bones. I`ve got Wall-E, Get Smart and Space Chimps to watch as well. Just gotta find some time to watch them. I`ll have to send them to my sister and her kids, they seem to appreciate them, unlike my parents who I sent them movies, and they never watched them, just allowed my brother to steal them and never bothered to get them back.

Offside comment, I know Kirsty will appreciate this, I got all 3 seasons of Father Ted :).

I`m doing testing for the next 6 days, yes I don`t get a weekend this fortnight, I do get overtime, so i`m sure that Adele is already planning on how to spend all that cash, whilst I catch up on sleep.

I dunno what else to talk about, been boring, I`m being hassled to fix the laptop, which is infected with a virus, I`ll get there eventually.

Alright. Outta here, Bye.

PS. Nat/Aj time to update blogs, I got hassled enough, your turn guys.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Day on the Frontlines

Spent the Day in a CSC, Geez there are some angry people out there. Why can`t people just get their crap together, why do you want to survive on welfare anyway?? Why blame the people who are trying to help you?? just dont understand it sometimes.

Anyway apart from that, pretty boring day. Back to real work tomorrow.

Oh well I`m out, Bye.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Been A While

I`m Back, Thanks for all calling. But I really am fine, needed to work my own stuff out, which is how I always do it, its no reflection on anyone, but I need to work it out myself.

So in the past couple of weeks, We`ve had Poptarts :

Now I haven`t seen these in Australia anywhere for a few years, and my soon to be brother in law who worked at Coles and now at Aldi assured me they weren`t available.
So where did we get them from? Sugarfix its a website for ordering, US or UK based junkfood basically. Now the Wifey with the good credit rating and a credit card then ordered them for us, please be aware that they have approximately the same value as gold, the 2 boxes we ordered cost about $40 to have delivered to us, but oh so nice.

I also was able to track down a bag of "The People`s Chip" which was launched by Hamish and Andy, for those of you who don`t know, the flavour is Gravy. Now personally it tasted like Cheese and Onion flavour chips to me, maybe I need another bag.

I think Adele agreed with me on the taste.

I also managed to get a PS3, I guess my previous comments finally worked and I now have myself a Blu-Ray player, Yes people I would like some Blu-Ray movies sent to me, just on the off chance someone is feeling generous?!?!?! Thanks Wifey :)

I bought myself a new Hard Drive yesterday, and in the process managed to kill my primary drive, which means I lost about 100Gb of stuff unfortunately, I did have a lot backed up, but there was some stuff which is irreplaceable, like most of our photo`s etc, but being lazy counts people, we still have most of our photo`s on our SD Card from the camera. Woohoo. So I`m back in Windows at the moment, and thanks to Microsoft`s incompetence, i`m blaming the fact that I`m using a pirated copy of Xp on them, if Vista worked so well, then why the hell doesn`t it pick up the hardware??? so if they come at me i`ll be more than happy to swap a legitimate license of Vista Ultimate for a copy of XP Pro.

I guess thats about it. I`ll speak to you next time. Bye

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Still Depressed

Does it get any better, Hope so, at least my little brother is off enjoying himself, have fun.
Still I have a wonderful wife to come home to, can`t wait for the weekend.

That is all. Bye.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

All Trained out

Depressed, never thought i`d be disadvantaged for being too good at work, oh well them`s the breaks. :(

Still this cheered me up :


Monday, August 18, 2008

Training, Training

Training today, sort of pointless in that its training us for what our Business Manager wants us to be, but we kinda can`t provide most of the stuff without high level intervention at a national manager level to get the other teams involved. So its basically a 2 day bludge.

Well, continuing to watch the olympics, pretty much not much else.
Prinny has gone home now, so Azrael is enjoying his quiet house again, he did just escape into the night, so won`t be home till all hours apparently.

Well, thats about it for today, Catch you all next time. Bye.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Weekend Again :)

It`s the weekend again, Yay.
I spent the day chasing down a doctor`s appointment to get more Nexium, Damn govt wont allow any longer than 2 months worth of prescriptions, Grrrr.

I ended up in Phillip, so of course I had to check out Video Ezy whilst I was there :). So, I have now updated the DVD List, not too much exciting, mainly just older movies.

We did watch Iron Man last night, Michael a copy is in the mail for you (well it will be on Monday). It is way cool, unfortunately its a full screen VHS rip, so looking forward to the DVD to be released so that I can watch it in a bit better quality and also in Widescreen. But all in all, a great movie.

Adele just bathed Prinny, ready for Granny Rob and Grandpa Paul to come home from Norfolk Island tomorrow, Yay Kitty gets the house back to himself. Hopefully they checked out the cheapest Lego in the world, whilst they were there ;).

Anyway, time for a bit of Burn Notice and Psych tonight :). Hmm, Food would be good as well I reckon, Cya next time. Bye.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Steve is Dead

Unfortunately, Steve the Yabbie is no more :~(. Steve was my longest lived yabbie yet, he died sometime yesterday. We got Steve on the day that Steve Irwin died. We`ll miss Steve, well, I will, I`m sure Adele has a soft spot for him as well. Well long live Steve.

That`s All Goodnight. Bye.

Monday, August 11, 2008

New Post

Well, new week, so tired already, when`s the weekend due again??

Anyway Kitty spent the night in the cupboard, note the hungry jacks bag he likes to sleep on in the bottom, obviously he found an even more comfortable place to sleep.
So from reading Kirsty`s blog looks like she`s getting an SLR, nice work, Jealous but then I don`t really use the camera as much as she does, so enjoy it Kirsty, the Nikon`s are great camera`s.

Olympic`s continue except for a slight hiccup yesterday with the AFL, bloody fairy footy, what the hell do we want to watch that for, whinging bloody victorians. Still we`re getting some medals, but don`t think its going to be an overly outstanding olympics, I think we`re in for a little bit of disappointment in the pool, etc. Couple of questions, was it just me or did Sonia Kreuger just look like a "painted lady"(u know what I mean) dressed up before the opening ceremony, I mean wtf is she there for, last time I checked Ballroom dancing isn`t an olympic event, for that matter, what is Tom Williams doing commentating on the kayaking??? anyway Olympics rant over.

Well good to see Kirsty updates her blog regularly, Nat, Aj, Mary I`m looking in your direction, Nat did you get stuck on the bible?? Is that why you haven`t updated?? Here`s a tip just skip to the new testament, most of the old stuff just has Begat every second word and most of the stuff at church is from the new testament.

Aight. Peace, i`m out. Bye

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Back to work in the morning

Weekend is nearly over, heading to bed now. Been a slightly interrupted weekend what with having to work yesterday, whilst I wont have quite enough for a PS3 from 5 hours of overtime the wife tells me I can spend it all on me :). We`ll see how that eventuates.

Anyway, did nothing much today, slept in till 10, Adele had put the crockpot pancake on last night and our cool new timer we purchased at Ikea on the way back from Clare and Shane`s was put into use finally, next time we`ll make sure to oil the crockpot, but it still turned out quite edible and we`ll be using the high setting next time.

We then watched Olympics for some of the day, did an expedition to the supermarket for smokes, then dropped into Video Ezy to peruse their "sale" not much of a sale if you ask me, I remember when DVD`s were only new and you could actually pick up a bargain at these things. Civic video wasn`t any better either. Dropped some Dry Cleaning in then home.

Had a big lunch then had a snooze whilst Adele went and visited her Aunt in hospital, apparently a woman in the room was having a stroke so Adele was locked into the curtained area and unfortunately they only had Rose`s Chocolates to sustain them through this trial, oh terrible times.

More Olympics tonight, now bed I thinks, Azrael is still getting used to having this dog thing running around downstairs, so he tends to spend most of his time upstairs on our bed, shedding all over my bathrobe.

Anyway, good to see Mary has finally updated her Blog, Nat/Aj, comeon guys pick it up, doesn`t have to be long, just an entry.

Aight, i`m buggared, Bed. Bye.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

So much for the weekend

Well, I worked for 5 hours today, so there goes 1 day, still worth it for the overtime, PS3 maybe, no the wife will probably have plans for it, anyway, bloody cold down here and Mary has just informed me that it is forecast for snow tomorrow, Woohoo, dusting off the snowboard, now where can I use it??

The Prinny monster has arrived for a week`s stay, whilst granny rob and grandpa pauly are on Norfolk island, best of luck to them.....although another reminder that Norfolk Island has the cheapest lego prices in the world(Yes that includes Denmark straight from the factory).Indiana jones lego is prefereable HINT HINT. For those who don`t remember Prinny, its the dog with the really safe welcoming smile.....not.

Well, the wife is off shopping, hehe no grocery shopping for me this week, she also usually buys some good stuff as well when i`m not there to say no. Yay, guilt free goodies :)

I was going to suggest a Yellow paint scheme with blue highlights for Kirsty`s house but then I thought no, Parramatta is having a terrible year this year. So no.

Alright, Peace I`m out. Bye

Friday, August 8, 2008

Weekend is here

So again, i`ll pass on the Five Friday Fave`s Dealy, one day maybe.

Been a crappy couple of days at work, long hours, belligerent staff, lack of staff. Some days I really wonder why I am doing staff management, I dont like it, I`m not good at it & I dont get paid extra to do it. But we did make some money on the sausage sizzle so its all good on the social club front, managed to chop 3kg of onions in 25 mins this morning, I think thats a new personal record.

Well, my darling wife assures me that she has nothing planned for us this weekend, so we may catch up on some TV and movies, maybe finally watch LOST season 4, we kinda got sidetracked on that one, we`re both absolutely exhausted, although the trend seems to be that she says "I have nothing planned for this weekend" which then cue`s the P.I.L's (Parents In-Law) to call up and invite us round to dinner. We`ll see how we go anyway.

Well, gonna go forage for some food, seeing as its pay week, that must mean the groceries are needing to be purchased, so it may be a hunt and gather mission tonight, the one thing we have found is that Queanbeyan has NO decent takeaway, the one at Karabar is ok for pizza`s and burgers but just cant get the idea that people dont like it when you have their food sitting under a hot lamp for a while before shoveling it into paper and selling it, its Fast Food people, fry me some chips for *&^%`s sake.(Excuse expletive).

Anyway, Time to forage away. Bye.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Google Street View

Okay Great Idea time, Kirsty when the Google Maps people come to do Mundubbera I`m thinking, have Sam, Char and Nat out on the street dressed as : Carmen Sandiego, Where`s Wally and Wenda(Wally`s Girlfriend for the uneducated). Then we can say we found them all in one hit :).

That is all. Bye.

Today`s Ramblings

Well, apparently Adele has watched The Mysterious Cities of Gold(i`ll make her watch them again anyway Teeheehee). But its her sister that is the real fan apparently.

Didn`t watch You Don`t Mess With The Zohan last night, Adele was tired and went to bed early. Maybe we`ll try again tonight, although I may be piking out this time ;P.

So Al has been at his job for 2 days now, must admit that I hadn`t made the Salvo`s/Tambourine connection before but oh it`s on now :). Hope he`s enjoying it, Me, I can relate, I`m doing extra work for no extra pay, must find out about this. They`re developing a new agreement now, so have to see if I`m up for a pay rise soonish, everything is crossed :). Anyway, good luck Al, we`ll come and peruse your setup when we`re in Ballina next.

I don`t think I have any more to ramble on about at the moment, I`m fairly tired, I gotta stop these 9.5 hour days at work :(. Maybe I should take some of this flex I have accrued.

Anyway the lovely wife is making shepherds pie for dinner, i`m sure if I could smell i`d be saying smells lovely, but I can`t so I wont. Aight, Peace Out. Bye.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Mysterious Cities Of Gold

Yay I got it, didnt think I was going to get to buy Mysterious Cities of Gold today, cause I rang all the shops this morning and no-one had it, then I tried JB HiFi this afternoon and Civic had only one copy left, sent in the wife (Love her :)), and now I have it, have been watching the extra features, think I will have to show this one to Adele, for some reason she never watched it. Didn`t realise that one of the characters actually did voice work for Ulysses 31 which I also loved as a kid, my Mummy even bought me Action figures from Ron`s(the precursor to Clints/The Warehouse).

Watched Kung Fu Panda last night, that movie is gold. Loved it. I think Adele liked it as well. Hancock wasnt too bad, wasn`t great but was pretty good, i`d recommend people watch it, but would advise it is more an action movie than a comedy so dont go expecting a laugh a minute.

I have fixed my DVD list so its now a web page rather than an excel spreadsheet. I have checked Mary and Greatest American Hero was on the list, look under "The" Greatest American Hero, I have season`s 1-3 listed, this is the special edition with the cape and a copy of the Manual that Ralph loses on 2 occasions in the series.

I`ve also removed that useless fact of the day section.

Well that is all I think. May try and watch You Don`t Mess With The Zohan tonight, i`ll see if Adele is up for it. Anyhoo. I`m out. Bye.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Time to Update the Blog

So I been copping it from The Wife, cause I havent updated my BLOG, not that she`s a great example for doing it ;p (thats for you sweetie).

Been working all week, been long days and havent really felt like doing much when I get home. Kirsty and crew should have some movies to watch now, but I just got some more :), watching Hancock tonight, we`ll let u all know how it goes.

Got the Aunt`s birthday party tomorrow, probably only go for a little while, but then we got the dinner at the Parent`s in Law, we all know my extensive pallette, this should go well....we`ll see anyway, I`m told there is ham/salami and bread, I can make that work :).

Time to fry some squid and chips for dinner and then watch a movie, Hmm, maybe I should get some munchies for the movie, it is pretty cold and wet at home, at least Azrael is home early tonight, he was out till 11:30 last night.

Note to AJ, 2 posts does not a blog make, when its updated more regularly it`ll make it onto my list of blogs.

Note to Nat, It was a good start but come on Dude gotta fill us in on the random happenings in your life, I have been looking forward to reading the updates, I love your hamster too :).

Must take down that weird fact of the day thing to the right, it never updates, i`ve put it on every web page i`ve ever had except, hmm must re-register that at some point...Christmas present hint anyone, anyone??

That reminds me, has everyone seen that Mysterious Cities of Gold is coming to DVD, on Monday August 4th, guess who is gonna be lining up at EzyDVD on Monday morning, I loved that show. Have been waiting for it for YEARS.

Anyway enough from me. Food. Movie. Bye.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Eat your Peas

Well, he usually does it, but tonight I got video of it Check it out :

So he is a good boy really, just doesnt like it when its mixed with Beef, not a real danger to the cattle industry round here, but the fishing may go to pot as he enjoyed a lobster bisque last night.

Worked today, not terribly exciting, doing some phone patching tomorrow to try and arrange seating for our area. Should be fun :)

Alright, nighty night. Bye.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

New Post

Damn, I`m slack, but seeing my Niece has managed to create a blog and my mother has even updated her`s whilst flitting around the country I guess its time to do mine.

Had a great time at the engagement party, and also staying with my sister was both convenient and cheap, Woohoo. Good to see my family and esp my nieces and nephew. Party was great, got to see a couple of cousins I havent seen in Years, and also my aunt who I havent seen in just as long. Party went long and hard, plenty to drink and eat(Yes quality control is a burden I carry)

Got a lift back with Amy(one of the sister`s, the one I predict will end with cats), forgot how well all of my sisters can drive :?. My sister-in-law dropped us at the airport Monday afternoon, Very impressed with her driving skills(looks like a big xbox game to me, but dont really want to try out the hand controls).

Batman on Tuesday....OMFG if Heath doesn`t deserve an oscar for that one, dont know what the oscars are for then. IT IS AWESOME. Highly recommended(Side note, yes Kirsty Sex and the City is done and winging its way to you hopefully tomorrow).

Back to the cold of Canberra though, was -5 when I left on Wednesday morning to go to work (@ 6:30), had to be in Sydney at Optus to view their Network Operations Centre and Data Exchange. Was -4 on Thursday, Holy Geez, sometimes I wonder, then I think of the Takeaway, and think God I love Canberra. So the Operations Centre in Sydney is simply amazing, I would love to work there, would be a little long on the commute, and yes I was the one with the full bladder arriving into Sydney, i`m sure my co-workers are enjoying finally having something to give me hell about.

Friday an average day.

Weekend, Umm, Paul came over yesterday, still no job for Paul, but I`m sure he is trying.

Today went to the Hospital to visit the Great Aunt who is 90 next weekend. Adele reckons I`m pre-booked for the whole weekend. Buggar.

Anyway, bed time now I guess, so now you can stop leaving me comments to update, I`ll be back tomorrow. Aight. Bye.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Holidays Yay

So 5 days off, good stuff, Congrats to Al, he`s finished for a while anyway.

Stoopid neighbours parked in front of our garage this arvo again, unfortunately they moved it before I arrived home, so I couldn`t take it out on them, dammit, have to arrive home earlier.

So tomorrow we go to Ballina via Sydney, then off to Brisbane for my Sisters engagement party, 1 more to go.....AMY GET TO IT or I bring Tyrone back for you :).

Will Blog when I get back, Adele is just about to take the feral down to her parents house for the weekend, god help them cause Prinny is still staying with them and we know how much he loves the puppy dog.

Bit disappointed, Pets Paradise have Miniature Schnauzers for sale at the moment but we cant afford one right now, so we`ll have to wait(HINT HINT any rich relo`s reading this :)).

Alright, Will see all the Fam on Saturday night. Bye

Monday, July 14, 2008


Mutant Chronicles :
A Post Apocalyptic/Steam Punk Sci-Fi story, what it should have done is donated the money used for production to the homeless and starving children in Africa, the story jumps around for an hour and a half, then ends. Haven`t quite worked out what the actual point of this movie is yet. I feel I would have preferred to see Thomas Jane as the punisher again. Ah well, we`ll see if the new Punisher is any good in November.

The Happening :
My God, I think M. Night Shymalan may be insane, his last good movie was Unbreakable, it was only considered mildly good, his last Good movie was The Sixth Sense. The Happening is an hour and a half of my life I want back, this is not a good movie at all, nothing is really explained, lots of things happening but nothing much actually done. I think Adele may agree on this one. Oh well on to the Love Guru tonight, well we`ll see if we can actually find time to watch it.

I have watched this weeks new Top Gear straight from the UK. Not bad, still got it :).
Well I havent got much else to say, Back to School for my Nieces tomorrow, enjoy it girls, cause one day you`ll have to work for a living, and quite frankly thats just boring, school is fun....well funish when compared to working :). Alright, Bye.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Nemesis no more ???

Nemesis no more, went out for a smoke this morning, and found the kitten, sharing a rest space with Nemesis Kitty, so do we need a change of name to Best Friend Kitty?
Now for the bad news, Mary, the frogs are dead :
I`ll attempt to repair with superglue, we`ll see how it goes.

So Prinny spent the weekend(prinny is short for Princess, now her name is actually Sandy apparently but gets called Prinny). Now she is cute, but barks so not the best dog in the world but nice enough I guess.
Kitty really didnt like having the dog here, he was very scared, spent most of the time underneath our bed. He did go out yesterday, he came home late last night, and he had some tufts of fur which we thought was just stress from having the dog here, but turns out he`s been fighting, I pulled a cats claw out of his head a while after he came home, he seems alright, but well he`s a lover not a fighter as Mary so kindly put it, so I worry about him, nothing like Misty, who woulda had all the cats in the neighborhood under his command by now.

So it was a lazy Sunday thankfully, got to relax for most of the day and watch old episodes of Top Gear. Should be watching The Happening tonight. I watched Mutant Chronicles today, its a pre-release(hasnt come out at the cinema yet) I`m hoping they fix it before release as its not fantastic.
Had to buzz into work briefly to sort out some seating arrangements for tomorrow, we have a new staff member starting tomorrow, so should be fun :)

Anyway we roll over on our plan tomorrow so back to DSL 2+ speeds :) so we both should be updating our blogs more regularly. Anyway I`m outta here. Bye