Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Design Your Own Donut

Well unfortunately Dunkin Donut`s don`t operate in Australia, but it doesn`t stop me designing my own, it`s a tossup between 2 really :
The Details :
Round Raised Dough donut
Chocolate Mint Bavarian filling
Peanut Butter Icing
Green Sprinkles on top

or this one :
The Details
Stick shape with Chocolate Dough
Chocolate Mint Bavarian filling
Peanut Butter Icing
Green Sprinkles on top
- Anyone sensing a recurring theme here??

What`s your ultimate donut? Click the pick above to go design your own. Well 3.5 Hours till I work again, Cya next time. Bye.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Magnet Crazy

Found some Magnet`s for the fridge, these are cool :
Tetris (Kirsty, Mary guess what`s for christmas this year?)

Magnetic Shelves :

Now some cool AvP photo`s :

Now I wouldn`t mind ordering some of these :
Would you like to know Donald Duck`s family Tree :

And one last one :

Well, time to go get some more pants, gotta work in 3 hours. Bye.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Movie Post Time

2009, is full of some good movies, some of which have Trailers out some don`t, so here`s some of the movies i`m waiting for this year :

Gatchaman :

Release: April 3, 2009
- Otherwise known in Australia as G-Force, this is a CGI release, can`t wait for this.

DragonBall - Evolution :

Release: April 8, 2009
- Don`t know if i`m anticipating or cringing at this, it doesn`t appear to be a good live-action version, but then i`ve never seen a real good cartoon to live-action remake.

X-Men Origin`s : Wolverine :

Release: May 1, 2009
- 1st in the X-Men Origin`s series, apparently Magneto is the next one, this will finally bring my favourite mutant : Gambit to the big screen, initial reviews are disappointing but i`ve been avoiding them to hopefully watch it with no pre-conceptions.

Star Trek :

Release: May 8, 2009
- A Young James Tiberius Kirk and crew.

Terminator 4 - Salvation :

Release: May 22, 2009
- Here we have Christian Bale(Great Actor, occasional hothead) teamed with Director McG(From Wikipedia : Joseph "McG" McGinty Nichol (born August 9, 1970) is an American film and television producer and director. He was nicknamed McG from birth to differentiate him from his uncle and grandfather, both of whom are also named Joe) who`s previous efforts have been both Charlie`s Angel`s movies, it`s another Cringe or Anticipate, I just don`t know, Trailer looks good though.

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Release: June 24, 2009
- Transformers, the first was good, let`s see another.

Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs

Release: July 1, 2009
- I`ll give it a watch, but as Shrek the Third Showed, these things tend to run out of steam at number 3.

2012 :

Release: July 10, 2009
- A movie about the fact that the Mayan Calendar end`s on 21st of December 2012.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince :

Release: July 17, 2009
- if you`re not excited about Harry Potter, I have some advice : Catch up with the rest of the world.

G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra

Release: August 7, 2009
- Comeon it`s GI Joe People.

Inglourious Basterds

Release: August 21, 2009
- Anything with the credits : Director: Quentin Tarantino, Writer: Quentin Tarantino gets a viewing from me.

Where The Wild Things Are :

Release: October 16, 2009
- Come-On People, everyone has read this, really excited about this, the CGI looks amazing and just spot-on for the books

Astro Boy :

Release: October 23, 2009
- Why Wouldn`t you be excited for this. CGI remake of Astro-Boy

Movies so far in the 2009 Future they may be in 2010 and have no Trailer yet :
The Twilight Saga's : New Moon - Release: November 20, 2009
- Meh, read the books, Adele will Drag me to this no matter what so I`ll give in now.

Avatar - Release: December 18, 2009
- The last pairing of James Cameron(Director) and Sigourney Weaver(Actor) bought us Aliens, Can`t wait to see what James Cameron is going to try to do to absolve himself of Titanic.

Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakuel - Release: December 25, 2009
- The First Rocked and i`m a huge Jason Lee fan and of course the Chippette`s are supposed to be in this one.

Sherlock Holmes - Release: December 25, 2009
- Robert Downey Jr + Jude Law + Guy Ritchie Directing has got me.

There is other`s i`ll be watching like : 9, Coraline, Monster`s Vs Alien`s, Knowing, Push & probably some i`ve forgotten but we`ll have to wait and see about any others. Anyway, that`s it for today, Bye.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Saturday, March 21, 2009

I think My Father has Disowned me

It`s been very quiet since I uploaded the video below. Well i`m now finished uploading all the photo`s I have from Clare`s Wedding, anyone interested in sending me more photo`s to include in Clare and Shane`s online Album, let me know.

I`ve started uploading our other photo`s, check out the collections section for further collections, such as our wedding, our honeymoon(minus certain photo`s Oh Yeah), i`m going to be marking some of the photo`s as invitation only, so I`ve sent invite`s to family, if I forgot you email me and i`ll invite you in.

Well, i`m kinda not moving much at the moment due to my back, i`m going to take some more drugs now, catch you all later. Bye.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

It`s on the Net!!!


Reminder, March 28th is Earth Hour, turn off your lights for an hour between 8:30pm & 9:30pm
Click on the pic above and go register.

I think that`s it for today, Bye.


Well i`ve spoken with the Tattoo Artist at Tattoo Power in North Lyneham, I`ve shown him the picture of Misty :
And he reckons it will be no problem to do this as a tattoo, black and grey shadowing, with his green eye`s, Pupil`s will be back, planning on having Misty in script below it, with 1991-2006 underneath that.

Back is killing me again. On the cocktail again. Going downstairs to get the netbook connected to the network and transfer the photo`s, after looking at Ian`s video, I have decided not to include it on the DVD`s, I will also be trying to upload Alan`s Dancing off the video camera and onto YouTube, check back here for as soon as I can get it organised, back problems may prohibit video work for a while though.

We`ve spent a small fortune at Wheel and Barrow in Civic, and then at Freedom at DFO in Fyshwick, as told on my Twitter, i`m voting DFO Fyshwick the best DFO in Australia, it has a EB Games, JB Hifi, Clive Anthony`s, Dick Smith & Ray`s Outdoors, what else do you need, well a Donut shop would be welcome, but I can live without that.

Catch you all Later. Bye.

HTC Dream Accessories

You may or may not have noticed that I seem to use my blog as a place to remember cool things i`ve seen or want, I mean I could use my favourites list, but I like this way as I add pictures and stuff, so it`s easier to remember, that and my iWoot favourites folder is so huge it`s hard to find stuff. So i`ve had my HTC Dream for a month now, i`ve found I want some accessories that I feel would make my life with it a bit better.

These would be :
A Larger Battery, going from 1150mAh as standard to 1400mAh which seems to be the largest without adding a larger battery cover :
A Mini-USB to 3.5mm adaptor so I can use normal head phones on it :
A heap of screen protectors, I`ve tended to not worry about this in the past and it has been to my detriment :
A Case, I think something like below would be good as it has the belt clip on it, but I do tend to keep it in my pocket :A Cradle, I would like 2 of these, 1 for work and 1 for home :
That`s about it for now, i`ll probably edit this post if I come across anything else I would like for the phone, but that`s my list for now, most of this stuff is on eBay pretty cheap, so i`ll be getting alot of it myself, espescially the screen protectors as I have one on now and it`s getting dirty and scratched.

Side note, Kirsty, Clone Wars have the last episode coming out on Saturday, so i`ll be sending your discs on Monday to accomodate.

Anyway, I`m outta here for the day. Bye.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy

Well it`s been a busy day, everyone should be following my twitter now if not :
So in the end, the Wedding band Tattoo has been called off due to common sense, basically the Tattoo shop was willing to do it, however they stress that the hand loses more skin cells than any other part of the body and it would need touching up very quickly, so onto my Misty Tattoo, i`m going to speak to Tattoo Power in North Lyneham tomorrow.
This is what i`m using as a base for it, I want to see what they can actually do before I get it though.

Busy day anyway, I have ordered a Parallel Port Cable for my new PC so we can again use the Brother laser printer and print stuff off the PC again. We picked up Azrael the little feral, he didn`t like the trip home. But is now prowling the neighborhood, we expect him home around 6am tomorrow morning realistically. He appears to have been spoilt by Granny Rob and Grandpa Pauly(Mwahahaha). He even got our postcard from North Stradbroke Island we sent.

After we picked the boy up, I then spent alot of the day setting up my Optus Online account so I can review my phone usage on the net, I also hooked up with the netbanking so I can pay my credit card off on-line, way cool.

We then fronted to Westpac to try and resolve Adele`s Credit Card issue and get a Credit Card issued in her married name(See Clare this stuff takes forever), they now reckon it`ll be here shortly(we`ll believe it when its in our hands). Then some grocery shopping, we found some low carb flat bread @ 15.8g of Carbs per tortilla $4.49, and we bought some poppadoms @ 4.3g of Carbs per poppadom to try as chips with some dip and finally home at which point my back has gone again and i'm hopped up on Voltaren and Panadol.

Now, in yesterday`s post I mentioned Twitterfeed I`m using it to feed my blog updates through to Twitter, so those of you with a blog that want to let everyone know through Twitter when you`ve updated, head over and set up an account, it can poll your RSS feed every 30 mins to check for updates.

I`m going to be burning Clare`s Wedding Photo`s to DVD`s tomorrow, so if you want a set sent to you, Leave a comment in the comments section and i`ll burn you a copy off and send it, I may need to call to get address details.

Alright, Night all. Bye.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

We`re Home

Busy as, this is a test to see if Twitterfeed works, i`ll put more up on it later.

I`ve also signed up to Flickr, I`ll upload more photo`s but it looks like I can`t upload all 6Gb`s of Clare`s photo`s yet so i`ll do some good one`s up. I`ll burn disc`s off and start posting out tomorrow.

Alright, time to see if we can pick up the Demon(Azrael). Bye.