Saturday, April 18, 2009

Just for Mary & Al, Pictionary Lovers

It`s a Bear with black eye`s.
No a Black Eyed Bear
No it`s a Panda.....Ur no its not.
I would so like some of these :

Anyway, no sign of the K-Rudd money yet, comeon ATO, we figure Michael is our test as Piper comes before Tyson, so as soon as he gets his cash we`ll be seeing some K-Rudd love, holler as soon as you see it Mick.

Seen this, I`ll admit I was one of the people laughing before, i`m not after :

Moving on, Ellie continue`s to be a delight(damn keep forgetting how the internet doesn`t convey sarcasm). Adele is Happy with her puppy, that`s all I care about.

Now my more crafty relatives would be getting big ups for delivering me one of these :
Click the photo for the instructions, Thanks

Now, I missed Follow Friday on Twitter, but I recommend : @donttrythis & @grantimahara from Mythbusters, I also enjoy : @zazz_com_au for bargains :).

Thats it, off to Computer Fair and get Kitten some more food. Cya.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Come-On K-Rudd

No Sign of the K-Rudd memorial funds yet, don`t particuraly know why i'm waiting, it`s going towards paying off the TV so no use really, I suppose after thats paid off we`ll be getting a new lounge and dining setting like Adele wants so thats nice I suppose.

Just did the Personality test Kirsty did on her Blog, My results :
Your Type is
Strength of the preferences %

Adele isn`t a big fan of these personality tests, I suppose that comes with actually doing a psychology degree and knowing what you`re talking about, but I am fairly introverted.

Well all this is being written on my Netbook which I have tethered to my phone now, this would have been helpful in Straddie as it means I can use the netbook like normal.

Well, it`s a quiet night on the Centrelink front, unless you`re the poor LSO(Local Support Officer) at Werribee then you got a call in :), all fixed now.

Had to Bath Ellie today, Adele saw a flea on her last night so because it was cold last night we decided to bath her today, unfortunately this meant that I got to do it, Let me tell you, from the experience I had today, I`d rather bath a cat than a puppy, even Misty with his Action Death Grip and claws couldn't compete with the sounds and acting of one little miniature schnauzer puppy, you`d think I was trying to drown her, with all the commotion and carrying on I was unable to take a photo of Ellie's first bath, so maybe next time when Adele is around.

Catch you all next time. Bye.