Thursday, January 28, 2010

Apple`s iPad

I`ve been waiting to see hard info on this product, this since the rumours started flying thick and fast, i`ve never been an Apple fan due to the limitations on them set by Apple, but i`m looking around, and Apple have done really good things as far as mass marketing gadgets, so here`s what I think of the iPad :

Pros :
  • eBook Store (ePub format) - Very interested to see how this pushes the eBook format, also no info on the DRM etc on it.
  • Battery Life, 10 Hours is stunning, I would say due to the 1GHz Apple A4 CPU but interested to see more about this CPU.
  • Looks Good, even i`ll admit it looks good
  • 9.7" Screen looks good, but 1024x768 res is a little disappointing but size of screen is limited.

Cons :
  • No GPS, Kinda limits the possibilities.
  • No HDMI or DVI Output - Big Disappointment.
  • Only 64Gb Max??
  • No Flash integration.
  • No camera, Yeah it has an option for an add-0n but come on.
  • No multitasking, maybe an OS update this year will do something about it?
  • Soft Keyboard, No really positive reviews on it yet.
Pricing :
Biggest disappointment is the price, as usual for Apple there is a big premium for slapping a fruit logo on the back :
WiFi Only : $499 for 16GB, $599 for 32Gb and $699 for 64GB
Adding 3G costs a $130 per model So :
WiFi/3G : $629 for 16Gb, $729 for 32Gb and $829 for 64Gb
- Bear in mind these are US dollars and will be a premium markup when it hits Australia presumably around June/July this year.

Overall :
I was seriously looking at this device as my first Apple product (bar an iPod I never actually used except as a portable HDD), but the Cons column quickly outweighed the pros, the price also makes it look unattractive. The one thing I am really excited about is the iBook stuff, I read...A Lot, I don`t listen to music much so iTunes never really excited me, but I do read, extensively and quickly and I like to own original legit copies of books, so i`m quite frankly excited to see what Apple can do for ebook readers. Hardware wise, i'd like to see some things fixed up, mainly the stuff in the Cons column. Overall i`ll wait to see what other tablet options come out maybe the next version of the iPad may convince me, or it may be the Asus Eee Pad or the HP, Who knows? But I do know I like the look of tablet PC`s.

EDIT : Forgot, The Name : iPad, sounds like a female sanitary product, Really.