Monday, August 24, 2009

Damn Car

Well the Commodore is slowly dying, apart from the Drivers seat which is bent, the Driver`s side door lock actuators are screwed, resulting in the doors not being able to be opened, so imagine if you will, me hauling my butt across the centre console to the passenger side to get out, if these are replaced then we need to replace the Body Control Module, all up looking at $1-$2,000 to fix it, so we`re thinking its time to investigate Car Leasing.

So today whilst Tuggeranong Auto Electric looked at the locks on the car, I went and saw GI Joe :

Verdict :
Umm, I should have waited for Inglorius Basterds to start. It was Ok, just not great, you really need to turn your brain off to watch this, but its ok as a brainless blowing crap up movie, As for Inglorius Basterds, tomorrow is Tight Ass Tuesday, so we`ll see.

Bought 3 DVD`s today, Clerks & Chasing Amy 2-Pack from Revolution CD for $11.95 thereby completing my ViewAskew universe DVD Collection and I also got Jersey Girl from K-Mart for $7, I still need to get Zack and Miri Make a Porno to complete my Kevin Smith Collection though.

Meanwhile, i`m on the downhill run to 150,000 Experience points in Farmtown, DAMN Facebook games.

Alright, i`m out. Bye.

Edit :

Monday, August 17, 2009


Bored, Been to the doctor this morning to get a script filled. Put some washing on the line. Watched some TV. Bored now. Might head down to the post office and send some stuff for Adele.

Off to see District 9 at some stage tomorrow, after Kaz come and do our cabling quote. If you haven`t seen a trailer for District 9 :

- So keen to watch this. I`ll let you know how it goes.

I love nature Doco`s as Adele will atest to, I can sit and watch them for hours and Sir David Attenborough is the king :

Amusing :

Thought this was pretty cool, his other songs are pretty damn cool as well, check em out on youtube :

Time to find something else to do. Bye.

EDIT : I ended up going to the post office.
EDIT 2 : Swine Flu Pic - First Celrbrity Death :

Monday, August 10, 2009

Ok, for those that follow me on Twitter you would have been right if you had guessed : Adele and I went to The Australian War Memorial. Adele and I adventured out for a bit of touristy fun today, it was free and we felt rather patriotic after doing it. We had been wanting to go for a while but since she took today off on flex we decided to go today to avoid the Saturday crowd.....BIG MISTAKE. Bloody School Kids.

So that was todays adventure, we actually feel we may go back and start on the bottom level as we spent most of our time on World War 1 & 2, so we feel next time we`ll start at the Korean war.

Last weekend cause I saw these on :
We think the egg carton is to stop them falling over :
They looked good when completed we used a vanilla cream icing :
Smelly Ellie Helped too :

Adele didn`t think Smellie should eat chocolate cake mix but I beg to differ she liked it lots.

I have been relying on a stash of earplugs I had from working in the Data Centre but since I thought it was time to go legit, we went to the Safety Shop in Fyshwick and bought a tube of ear plugs, you have to be careful with your earplugs as Ellie has decided they are a delicious chewy treat that we keep next to the bed :
$28 for that lot, 100 pairs.

Apart from that its really been work, work and more work. I did have a small win over a Dell laptop this morning which made me feel better. Dell have some weird settings in their BIOS, the end result of which is that you can`t install an OS unless you change some stuff.

So what has amused me recently :
A Viral video that promotes office :

- Dunno how it promotes office, but its fun and gives me a goal to aim for this summer.

This is an animated gif, it may take some time to load, but essentially a revolving half-cut of the anatomy of a lego Mini-Fig :

This just cracks me up the more I watch it :

What can I say I love Bacon and this is a good way to go :

Ahh Calvin and Hobbes you never fail me :

Try to do this every time I visit Aldi :

This guy is pretty damn good with Dough :

Alright Swine flu pic and i`m outta here :

Alright, thats it, i`m outta here. Bye.