Friday, February 27, 2009

Annoying Sound

Train Horn

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Thursday, February 26, 2009


I`ve joined your little cult. Bye.

Slight Change to Adele`s Post

My Birthday Meal should be :
A deep pan pepperoni pizza, with a beef patty on top, a layer of eggs, another deep pan pepperoni pizza upside down on top of that, the whole thing wrapped in bacon, battered, deep fried and then served with a hollandaise sauce. I think that should be enough :)

Now on another note found this :

The center of the circle is conflagration, where most people would die within 24 hours. The purple circle means 3rd degree burns, requiring medical care. The pink circle means 2nd degree burns, like burns from boiling water. And the yellow outermost circle means 1st degree burns, like a sunburn.

It`s basically Google Maps, so you can find your town and find out the affects of having a nuclear bomb dropped on it. It`s a bit morbid but interesting.

Anyway, was up late last night, couldn`t sleep till 3am, slept through to 2:30 then woke up with a headache, i`m gonna regret this on Saturday when I have to get up around 12 and go build a computer.

Anyway, till next time, Bye.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Katherine and Jason`s Wedding

Just curious as we got Jason and Katherine`s wedding invite on Friday. So 3 questions :
1. Who is going to their wedding in the Cook Islands ?

2. Who is going to the Engagement Party in Canberra?

3. Who would go to their wedding given 12-18 months to save for it?

Our answers :
1. Nope, can`t afford it, definitely not this close to Clare and Shane`s anyway.
2. Definitely.
3. Most likely yes we could slot this in, save like mad and make it there, would enjoy it too, add another stamp to our passports, well I will, Adele needs a new one in her married name, hahahah.

And we`re very jealous of Mary and Al going to New Zealand at the end of the year, we want to do something similar next year. Remember Al, Bunjee Jumping is free in NZ if you do it naked.

Anyway, I`m kinda bored, everyone come home and update your blogs. Bye.

Random Surfing

So some random stuff i`ve surfed in the last couple of days :

Scientists response to being invited to discuss "Creationism" :

Full on explanation of Pac-Man the ghosts and game strategies :

This diet`s making me strange :
Bacon LipBalm

How Many 90 Year Olds Could You Take in a Fight?

How long could you survive in the vacuum of space?

How many cannibals could your body feed?

What are your chances of surviving a bear attack?
- Gotta be able to throw family members, hmm can I choose which one`s??

funny pictures of cats with captions
more animals

Anyway enough for today, nothing to download today, no Simpsons or Family Guy, so i`m getting more of Miami Ink, hmm wouldn`t mind that series on DVD, i`m really into the Tattoo idea, maybe I should stop watching Miami Ink, but then i`ve wanted Misty`s tatto on me for a long time, anyway, that`s it for now. Bye.

Android Phone

Ok, so I got my HTC Dream a week ago, i`ve been through the Android Market many times and basically I`ve got this :

eBook Readers :
aBook Reader - Not great, very close to uninstall at the moment
Audua eReader - My Current favourite
CadreBible LE - so I can show my dad a Bible, other than that, I don`t use it
jjReader - Can`t even get it working, gonna uninstall it

Games :
Alien Blood Bath - 2d SideScroller, not too bad
AndPipes! - Based on one of my favourite windows games, Pipe Dreams, doesn`t translate real well to android, but still fun
Beat the Joker Slots - Hey it`s a pokie :)
Amazed - tilt game
DroidDice - always good for when you lose a die for a board game
Solitaire - gotta have solitaire
Spin The Bottle - gotta make sure it ends up pointing to the wife

Apps :
aCurrency - Fantastic currency convertor
Android Gallery - Slightly better than pictures
Bartender - good for a list of cocktails, plus you can add your own
BlueBrush - painting program
Cellfinder - supposed to find nearest cell tower, going to uninstall this
Compass - its a compass
Farm Animals - makes various noises
FartDroid - it farts, and has a timer so you can set it and walk away
fBook - FaceBook Client, I`m not on Facebook, my family is trying to convince me
fIRC chat - gotta have an irc client, but I havent`t tested it yet
Flashlight - Great flashlight, just makes an all white screen at full brightness
Flower Pot - I`m trying to grow a plant
Konvertor - Cool konvertor app, converts units of measurement
meebo - IM client for MSN, AOL etc.
MemoryforLemmings - clears up memory
Moon Phase - shows phases of the moon
My Collection - supposed to be a good database, but I have over 1000 DVD`s and it wont import my CSV list.
My Backup - Great backup program for those unfortunate cases
Now Playing - Great app, links to trailers, movie info and now playing times at local cinema`s
OI Safe - Password Safe, it`s pretty decent
Remote Droid - app for controlling your PC, touch screen acts as touchpad, good for media centre PC
SciCalc - better calc than standard calculator
ScreenCrack - cool app, makes it look as though your screen is broken
Steamy Window - novelty app, steam up your screen then wipe it away
Stop Watch - good basic stop watch
Telnet - used for Rooting your phone, haven`t got there yet but I will
The Schwartz UnSheathed - Everyone should have a lightsaber on their phone
The Weather Channel - Good app for weather, can add multiple towns so I can see weather for all my family
TideApp - Good app for telling you the tides
Toggle Settings - has on/off for all functions
Toggle Blu - One touch BlueTooth on/off
Toggle GPS - One touch GPS on/off
Toggle Wifi - One touch wifi on/off
TriCorder - Star Trek, damn we need some light meter and thermometer in the G1/Dream
TuneWiki - supposed to be a good mp3 player, i`m not into music so much and the times i`ve used it, can`t find lyrics for my songs
TwiDroid - Twitter for Android, this one is pretty cool
Whatis My IP - Obvious it finds your IP
WikiMobile - Wiki on your phone

Still Looking for :
Decent MS Office program for Android - Both reader and editor
xvid player - hoping now paid apps in the US we will see a company release a player, I refuse to convert my 2.5Tb`s to Mp4
Video Recorder - the current app in the market is too buggy
eBook Reader - Audua Reader is pretty good, but has flaws, not great scrolling, no LIT, PDB, RTF, DOC or any other format support except HTML and TXT

So really, i`m having fun with my phone, I hope there is 3G access on Stradbroke Island, I`ve only got 6 more working days till holidays :). Bye.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Azrael & Tyrannosaur

Is your cat plotting to kill you?

How long would it take for a Tyrannosaurus Rex to digest your corpse?

Office is Clean

No before photo`s cause it was a health hazard before hand, but now as you can see the office is now tidy, I still need some more storage tubs from Big W but apart from that it`s done and looks wonderful, Adele may even be able to come in here :
Now need to get some good setup going here, we`re trying to look at wireless colour laser MFD(multi-function devices) so we can have it setup downstairs and fax, copy, print & scan all wirelessly, then i`m going to have 2 desks in here seperated by a bookcase sitting on a filing cabinet, trust me it sounds odd but will be cool, they have it setup nearly right at the Ikea at Homebush but I have changed their design a fair bit. I have drawing of it at work but I haven`t sent it home.

Alright until next time, tonight we`re either going to watch Yes Man or Role Models depending on which Adele is up for, I also have Punisher : War Zone but I don`t think Adele will be up for that. Anyway, cya all. Bye.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Update 4

To email me on gmail, just email me :, this comes through to my Android phone pretty much straight away.

Mary : Jefe is El Guapo`s sidekick, I`m shaking my head in your direction :

Bed, i`m out. Bye.

The Well Known Guest Star Theory

Just a random thought for the day :

Something i`ve noticed when watching pretty much any Drama....well I suppose any Tv show that requires a villain or fall guy is that the most well known guest star is generally the person who did it. Basically if the show you are watching has a character that is not normally a re-curring character that is played by an actor that you are sitting there thinking what do I know that person from, then you will find that most of the time the villain is the character played by that actor.

Reasoning behind this appears to be that the day to day villain is generally required to deliver lines and acting that is above the norm for your everyday "extra" or sub-par wannabe actor, so basically it requires an actor that has generally proven themselves in a speaking role previously, i`m not saying every villain is a well known actor{i.e a well know A-List Actor), it is just usually a case of that actor looking familiar from somewhere.

Anyway that`s my theory it seems to work, Adele and I have tested this on Criminal Minds, Bones, NCIS and a few other shows, it doesn`t always work as we have not seen every show on the planet, but generally if you look at imdb after a show is over and look at the credits for the main villain they will have had some part in a show that required some lines or acting to be delivered.

Well it`s been a plethora(Jefe, do you know what a plethora is?) of posts today but I think that`s it for the day. Bye.


Now that I have a data plan and can access the net pretty much on the go, I`ve setup a Twitter account to try and see if I use it, so anyway for updates on what i`m doing should be able to be found at i`ve added a link on the left in my contact`s, i`ve given gmail as well as hotmail, i`ve had my hotmail account pretty much since hotmail was around{i.e before Microsoft bought it} and I don`t really see myself ever giving it up but i`ve now got the Gmail account so people can email me whilst i`m on the go on my new Android phone, have you checked it out yet Al? That reminds me, you blogging yet Al? I`d be very interested in what you have to say on a Blog.

Oh and Kirsty Hugs should be free. But as a Birthday present any photo`s of Misty would be appreciated. {I miss my Kitty:~( }. The grand plan is a tattoo of him on my left arm so any of him up close and looking at the camera would be awesome. Thanks all. Bye.

Birthday IWOOT

Well it`s nearly that time again and just so everyone has an idea of what to get me here are some idea`s for my birthday, here we go, now everyone seemed to be overwhelmed by choices of DVD`s to buy me for christmas so I have made a concise list of DVD`s :

The Fifth Element (BLU-RAY) Note this is the Blu-Ray version I already have the standard DVD :
Red Dwarf - Beat the Geek :
Red Dwarf - Smeg Ups :
The Goodies - The Final Episodes :

Now onto non-DVD Items :
Leatherman, I lost my leatherman and I have been lost without it so I need another one :
Now Finally I love the idea of Visa Gift Cards, you can use these just like a Visa Card which is great cause then I can order stuff over the internet :).

Now news that I need to share is that my poor XBox 360 has succumbed to the infamous Red Ring Of Death during the recent heat wave, which means that I can`t play the new DLC(Down Loadable Content) for GTA4(Grand Theft Auto 4) at the moment, however the gift cards I got for Christmas is paying for the DLC when I get my Xbox back from repair, so shout out`s to those that gave Gift Cards :). Now time to go help Adele setup her new table in her scrapping room.

Of Course I would like a netbook for my birthday if everyone wanted to throw in?? but no that`s a bit much to ask at this stage, I don`t really need one as I have my new phone and already have a laptop. Or maybe Tivo, Adele has been hassling me for Tivo for ages, but again at $700 I think it`s a bit much, plus I download all our TV so it`s all good. So anyway, I`m out, Bye.

PS I need everyone to check and see if they have any Photo`s of Misty for me. Thanks.

Monday, February 16, 2009

New Phone

Well I got my new phone, Adele got hers as well, basically they`re both in her name Woohoo, I`m on a $59 cap with a $20 data pack on top, so I get 1.5Gb of Downloads on my phone, which is lucky as it seems to be fairly data intensive, but i`m overjoyed :).

Our painting has been disappointing as when we removed the tape today, half the paint has come off with it, i`m thinking we`re going to have to sand it all back to wood so the paint bonds with the surface.

I`ve been searching around and found some more stuff, I feel this bottle of Sauce may last me at least a week :

I think I found Al`s next birthday/christmas present here as well :
But really just a blog to tell you I have my phone and am extremely happy with it. Bye.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Weekend Stuff

So Adele has changed her mind and instead of Half Hog`s Bristle on the door`s etc. we are going for a high gloss White Watsonia(any tips for getting rid of brush marks on high gloss paint are appreciated).

Side note : whilst out to buy our paint, even though we had managed to park almost right in front of the doors, Adele managed to lose the car, despite the fact I was standing behind it and waved at her and she also looked straight at me.

But anyway here is the painting so far :

So basically from this :
To this :
A long process, it takes 3 coats to get us this far, we may do a fourth coat tomorrow we`re going to see how it looks tomorrow morning.

So tomorrow both Adele and I have the day off, we both are going to get new mobile phones, me to get the HTC Dream, it`s the first phone in Australia running the new Google Android Operating System :
Adele will be getting the 6500 Slide :

I tried to convince her to get a Dream as well but she doesn`t think it`s worth the cost, now we`re also trying to bring our Home phone over to Optus as well as Telstra have well and truly p*ssed us off. They have given us nothing but grief since we joined them and we figure they have not listened to complaints from us and the only way to get them to listen is to drop them completely.

I am a little worried about how my bad credit history will affect my getting a new phone, but as it`s now 4 years and 11 months since I paid off my bad debts it should be ok, if not i`ll have to wait till the 9th of March which is the 5 year anniversary of my bad debts being paid off,(note to all pay your debts, debt collectors are whiny b*tches). I`ll be jumping onto MyCreditFile on the 9th of March whilst we`re on Stradbroke Island to get a copy of my credit report, hmm, maybe I will wait till we`re back in Canberrra, so Al depending on wether I am successful in getting a new phone tomorrow you may have a new phone shortly.

So anyway, that`s my update, i`m gonna leave you with some funny pics I found in the course of my internet surfing, I generally find lots of amusing stuff but I just forget it but here`s a start :
Those of you with a Nintendo Wii will appreciate this :
And the other is this :
My Question is what is the machine gun for??

Aight everyone fingers crossed for our phone excursion tomorrow, Bye.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Been A While but that`s due to lack of Energy

I Hate Diets, I feel I exercise better than I diet.

I been on the WiiFit for 1/2 an hour a day minimum with at least 10 mins of jogging in that, and i`ve been doing all aerobic exercise, if that don`t work, as soon as we`re finished with the wedding i`m off to the Gym people, I believe I have learnt a bit about the foods i`m eating and can go on with healthier eating, but dammit I need carbs.

So I have a new phone I want, actually it was on my iwoot list last year, but was then only available in the US, it`s like a sign from god actually, It`s the HTC Dream available from Optus, 2 days after Adele`s contract expires, so that`s right people we`re in here, unfortunately i`m working on the 16th of Feb, so i`m gonna have to go on an extended lunch break to get it, I don`t care people, i`m doing it.

Now wanted to give out some cool link for an iwoot, after listening to the Christian Bale Rant from the set of Terminator Salvation(listen to it here ), I want one of these :
Now if you have listened to the rant, now go here(Gotta love AICN) to read the context of the rant, I still like Christian Bale as an actor, and we all have bad days, I just think he went a little over the top on this one.

So that`s about it, the Supercomputer is going well Specs :
Intel Core 2 Duo 8200 CPU
Gigabyte MoBo
Geil 4Gb 800Mhz DDR2 RAM
1Gb 4650 ATI Video Card.
I`ve now dumped the 1Tb and the 750Gb Drive`s in there as well, I think I may need some more space in the next couple of months though :(. But for now this will do us more than enough speed wise anyway, space is easy to expand(esp with 2Tb drives now out) :), it`s so good having everything in one place. I do need a larger screen (32" LCD 1920x1080 resolution will do me).

So big question is who is going to Jason and Kathryn`s Wedding in the cook Islands? Unfortunately that is a little out of our price range at this stage. Maybe if we had like an 18month leadup to it we might be able to look at it but at this late notice, definitely not.

Now different note, some Cool Websites :
So Cute, I go here for some cute stuff all the time.

I`ve been going to this site for a couple of years now, mostly at work when I get some time to surf the net, I feel the govt can`t really argue with a humanitarian website. Even if it`s like a game.

So it`s Top Gear Live tomorrow night, nice romantic night in Sydney with the Missus :).
(CARB FEST IN THE MORNING AT THE INCLUDED BREKKY, no I promise i`ll try and be good, Honest)

Anyway Kidlets, that`s all. Bye.