Monday, June 30, 2008

Monday`s, we have to have them to get Fridays

Work, Boring.
Dealing with Dell Direct now, which may be interesting. At least its not Getronics.

New Top Gear Yaaaay. Wont be finished for 4 hours D'oh.

I did find the photo`s I took from when we stayed at the Sir Francis Drake Motel at Heatherbrae near Newcastle. It always looked so good from the front, normally we stay at the Best Western but reports from there haven`t been good, so I thought i`d make my elder sister really jealous and stay there, Boy were we wrong, the front of it is the nicest part, The rooms :

All looking onto a courtyard :
there is a pool there, this was using the panorama mode on my phone, so not the best quality.

Anyway thats about it, time for food. Bye.

Sunday, June 29, 2008


Late sleep in this morning, I was up till 2am watching An Evening With Kevin Smith, for you who dont know Kevin Smith is the director/writer of Clerks, Mallrats, Dogma etc. as well as comic book writer who has written for Green Arrow and Daredevil. It was awesome, went for 4 hours but was worth it.

I`m still trying to get Adele to make Crockpot pancake, but I guess I`d better remind her to do it before I start saying she hasn`t made them yet.

I got into the garden again and Connifer number 3 is now gone as you can now see :

It means we can now have the bins off the path and not a hazard when walking at night. Next is the Agapanthus`s(Agapanthi?? whats the plural here?), but i`ll get Adele to help with that. Anyone want an agapanthus?? Shipping costs only??

Adele went off to a Chef`s Toolbox party today, it was being held by a woman from my work, and Adele bravely ventured forth.

Sooooo busy, we got stuck behind a couple with 4 boys, $500 worth of shopping they got tonight, took me back to the days of Mary shopping for us 5 kids.

The feral was in his bed sucking his blanky before, for those of you who have never seen it here it is :, Just checking this one, dunno if the blog site can process 3gp video`s from my phone, otherwise i`ll remove this bit of the post.

Anyway, I`m gonna get me some burger shopping week :)

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Weekend Adventures

Went into Woden today, Visited Adele`s Great Aunt, she`s looking good, sitting up in a chair.

Went into the Plaza but Bloody Fone Zone, couldnt do anything about me being on a contract, so I have to speak to Telstra themselves, i`ll see what I can do. Bought some gardening gloves from Big W, yes unfortunately the connifers live, But only till tomorrow :).

Whilst we were at Big W, they announced that all adults in the store would get a free kitchen knife, well, we basically went up and found a kitchen demonstration for one of those chopper things, but we did get a free knife each, Adele is giving hers to her Mum. Sorry Mary, I`m keeping mine.
Check it out :

I feel ever so creative with the knife, Adele`s mum got us a pair of knives last week from watching the demonstration, so we figure we`ll go back next weekend and see if we can`t get a full set.

Played Singstar last night, Adele didnt want to play it, but I convinced her to try, by the end of the night, she was the one keen to keep on going. Going to play a little more tonight, after the Wallabies cream France of course.

Al, this is for you, This is what the wallabies look like on a 46" Hi-Def LCD TV :

LOL ;) you know you want one Al!!!!

alright, I`m signing off, Goodnight. Bye.

Friday, June 27, 2008


Ten Years Ago
Dumped some annoying chick called Adele......I suppose she wasn`t too annoying, cause I did marry her.

Five things on todays ToDo list(i`ll give you tomorrow)
1. Kill another Connifer, if feeling adventurous 2
2. Get credit with another mobile company, if part a goes well, part b is getting a new phone from said company for my wife to use, Part c is parting company with Hellstra
3. Umm, Xbox??
4. Cat Food, Kitty needs Dry Food.
5. I`m sure My Wife would prefer a spot left open for one of her "surprises"

Snacks I enjoy
Arcitic Mints, I get these rarely as they dont really make them anymore, I only find them at specialty lolly shops, like the one we went to the other day at Federation square when we picked Clare up, me I hoard my lollies so I still have some left.

Things I would do if I were a millionaire
Have the most awesome office in the world, with complete entertainment system, you think I have a good DVD collection now, I think Lotto could enlarge it somewhat.

Places I have lived
Wingham, Old Bar, Canberra, Ballina, Queanbeyan. Within Canberra : Rivett, Stirling, Weston, Kambah, Isabella Plains, Monash and Pearce. (Ballina was only a few months, but I lived there)

Sh*t Day

Bad Day. Don`t want to talk about it.

Last night was cool, watched Bill and Ted`s Excellent Adventure, This is a classic people, if you are too young to remember this one, I highly recommend it, it shows a very young Keanu Reeves, and one of the reasons I was watching it originally George Carlin.

Anyway the weekend lies ahead. Another Plant will die this weekend. I`m getting hungry and I`ve borrowed SingStar for a while, so gonna give it a whirl tonight.
Outta here, Bye.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Hello World

Not a bad day, today, although I missed a meeting that I was supposed to go to, unfortunately they only emailed me an invite yesterday and I barely saw my desk yesterday, so they takes the consequences.

Didn`t do much today, got up early, sat and watched a whole heap of George Carlin(RIP) videos. Kitty sat on the PC and watched me :

he`s a little unsure of the camera, but it is early in the morning.

Adele is off to see a musical, from memory its called "Menopause The Musical" but I could be remembering a completely different conversation.

Nothing new to watch this week, so far anyway. I`m probably just going to go read Reddit for a while, then go watch some TV, maybe a DVD?!?! Then better think about feeding myself. Alright, Bye.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Another Long one

I long for the days when I could sit and read the internet, instead now i`m a team leader.
I get 2 problem staff for my efforts, 1 who hasnt worked out that passing a job to a team with "Broken, please fix" is not an acceptable amount of troubleshooting, and the other who has difficulty with the concept of working 7 Hours 21 Minutes a day.

So today I picked up the 4 LCD TV`s, 2 trips to Woden then back to Symonston. Did it all in 2 hours. the rest of my day was left to dealing with the merger of the social clubs from ITSC & CNOC, this is way harder than I thought it would be, well it would be simple if everyone would let me just merge them and work out the details, but Nooooo, everyone has to have their say.

I also spent alot of today dealing with Getronics, who are a sub-contracted company to our contracted company Dell, now you would have thought : easy job, we email Getronics with an issue, server details, they order the part then go on-site to repair it. Noooo, looks like they then sub-sub-contract to local Computer places around Australia, now these sub-sub-contractors believe it is acceptable to close a job because they didnt get the part......I MEAN WTF??? wouldnt you call to find out what is happening??? I know I would.

Anyway, thats all in the past, at home with the wifey now. Feral is miaowing wanting to go out, dont think he`s gonna win that battle, so inside you stay Kitty.

Alright, enough, Outta here. Bye.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Long Day

Well, that was a long day, only 3 of us on for most of it.
I survived.

Anyway, Top Gear is awesome still, gonna be a good series. Dr Who was good as well, all leading up to the last double episode of season 4, and if all rumours are true, then no Dr Who for 2 years or so.
Watched a pilot of a show called Fringe, Sorta very X-Filesish not sure if I like it, have to wait for it to air.

Supposed to go pick up 4 Sharp 42" LCD`s for work tomorrow, wonder if anyone will notice if I set them up on my desk as monitors??

For all the fans, check my second blog entry, the photo underneath the line "And yesterdays Effort" has a little kitty doing what kitty`s do first thing in the morning.

The feral is asleep on the bed at the moment, he`ll be getting kicked off shortly.

Anyway, thats about it, Bye.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Ok, so I thought I`d show my desk.
But then I thought I got 2....
So, here is my desk at work. [Note Adele`s tupperware in the foreground, 3 days worth :)]
And here is my desk at home. [Hungry Jacks bag on the floor is one of Azraels favourite things]

Today I went to work, then went and bought 7 Kg`s of Onions, 1.5Kg of Sizzle[1 minute] steaks from Woolies in Queanbeyan. Went back to work, chopped 4 Kg`s of Onions, went and started work, then had to cook the BBQ, I smell of sausage, minute steaks and onions. But adele assures me the smell has faded. Good news is that we raised a couple hundred bucks so all worth it in the end.

Got home. New Top Gear, Season 11 commences, gonna watch it now.

Did anyone check out Azrael and what he is doing in the photo of the last post?
Alright Top Gear, Bye.

Sunday, June 22, 2008


Well, Quiet morning, sorta downloaded new Doctor Who, I found out that it is actually a single episode this one but will end in a 2 parter, nothing much else out at the moment.

Got to watch some new LOST last night, we`re now halfway through the 4th season.

Here are the photo`s of the gardening work I have been doing, slow and steady wins the race :
Here`s how the side of the house originally used to look :

Here`s after last week`s effort :

And Yesterday`s Effort :

So 1 more to go then we pull out the tall connifer and the agapanthus things, then its all concrete baby. Then a garden shed, and hopefully move the bins out of the walkway and make it look a little bit better.

Went to see Adele`s Great Aunt, looking very comfy in her bed, but bit tired still.
came home and just sat here looking at Spiked Humor man I can waste hours on that website.

So I guess I should let everyone know I sorta started this and see what they think
Alright party people. Peace I`m out. Bye.

Saturday, June 21, 2008


Making my first Blog entry.
Umm, ripped out another plant today, did the first one last week, but the bin filled up, so round 2 to me as well.

Watching LOST tonight with Potato Wedges with Sour Cream for Dinner, MMMMmmmm.

Saw my sister today, see Adele`s Blog for that one.

Yeah probably will get very bored of this real soon.
Already run out of stuff to say. Hmm, I`m even absent a rant. Am I sick? no feel fine. Damn, could do with some sick leave, got heaps at work, but then I guess I have to go to the doctor for the certificate etc. too much effort.

Kitty has been feral all day, he seems to get like this when its windy.

Dr Who tomorrow, unfortunately its a 2 parter so will have to watch both eps next week, so I can watch it in one go, hate cliffhangers.

Anyway enough for this one.
Outta here. Bye