Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Days Off, I love them

So first day off, as usual, my body doesn`t know what day it is, so I was up most of last night and then slept all morning, I got kinda creative and burnt a whole heap of disc`s for people Adele will be sending them tomorrow.

Big thankyou to Nat for her artwork, which you can see on Adele`s blog. It was way cool, It even made me watch Kung Fu Panda again.

Tomorrow, I`m going to see if I can do some gardening, the side of the house looks like a jungle, but a jungle made out of thistle`s so its on with the gloves and see if I can pull them out, it all depends on what the weather is like tomorrow, if it`s too hot it`ll be put off till a more convenient time.

I`ve been carbo loading so I can stock up for our Celebrity Slim onslaught. Had an all carb lunch, Adele made me have veggies for tonight, I plan to have carbs for lunch tomorrow, and then we`re having a BBQ tomorrow night.

That`s about it, the little hairball was most upset when he couldn`t go out this afternoon, and we`ve been getting Large Hailstone Warnings on the TV, but it seems pretty quiet now.

Alrighty then. Bye.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Post from the Bog

So yesterday I installed a new browser on my phone which means I can blog on my phone, I also found if I "utilise" the next door neighbours wi-fi which is unsecured I can do this without interrupting my downloads, Alright its technically on the grey side of legal, I swear I will go teach them how to protect their wi-fi .

Adele is off with her mother at DFO, hope she buys me a present. I bought Wall-e the other day on Blu-Ray taking my Blu-Ray collection to 5 but until prices start falling on Blu-Ray discs I refuse to really buy them it's only a couple I want.

So a big shout out to all of you in shake land, from what we've discussed we'll most likely be joining you, I hereby vote a carbs fest at Clare's wedding, who's with me?

alright ti,e to get off this thing my but's numb, and I still can't find the scale toilet seat, so till next time . Bye.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I`m Back

Well, I`ve been back for a while I guess, just didn`t want to admit it. :(

Our Trip to Ballina was awesome, we had fun and could do it again, but next time for much longer, and next time we`d like to be up there for a 20/20 game, Our Huge thanks out to Kim and Beth and the Resort DeMontwood, the place looks great and the pool area is stunning, there is a construction on the side that is coming along nicely too, Kim says its a shed to cover the pool filter, I say its a self contained Bar and Snooker Room, I`ll come help you finish it next time Kim, but only when its not so hot.

Still I have a trip to Sydney with the wife(staying overnight in 5 star luxury) to see Top Gear Live and then we`re off to Stradbroke Island for 10 Days, woohoo, and I miss out on the 2 night shifts before I go, so I might even be lucid for those 10 days yay. Now I`m also looking forward to hiring a scooter for those 10 days, so we need someone who lives near Stradbroke Island to go and get us Pricing(Hmm does Clare actually read this thing).

So everyone is losing weight for this wedding dealy, so I`ve made my blog Bacon Optional, for those of you who still want Bacon click here : Phrog Hollow With Bacon . Take`s a second to load, but those bacon lovers out there will appreciate it.
On a lighter note, I have found something to help those trying to loose weight :The Toilet Scale, now I`ve often stated I feel 2 kilo`s(or more sometimes) lighter after visiting the smallest room in the house, now I can definitely tell, i`m tracking down somewhere to actually buy this now, but alas it appears it is in design stage only at the moment.

Well, CES (Consumer Electronics Show) for the unitiated/unsophisticated, is over for another year. This year`s winner was in my opinion the Palm Pre :
Again no details on release dates to Australia but looks good, I was holding out for an Android phone, but this is pretty spectacular, watch the video`s around the net and it speaks for itself. I`m waiting till after Mobile World Congress is over as apparently HTC have some damn good stuff coming that runs Android, but we`ll see.
Now I know Mary is sitting there going that`s nothing special, so yes I did find something at CES I think she would apppreciate, no its not the Elvis Singalong pack :
But the Elvis pack did come a close second, no I looked at your sense of elegance, taste, and love of all things shiny and glittery, it is the Furry Phone :

Now we are still waiting for someone to start actually producing this item in mass numbers, but be aware, i`m on the email waiting list and i`ll let you know.

Anyway what have I done in the last 4 days? Well I mowed the lawn, changed the washers in the Shower so now we don`t have to watch the water dripping and replaced the Gas bottle in the BBQ, I also watched a crap load of Malcolm in the Middle which I just finished, I`m onto How I Met Your Mother next.

I did get Bolt so I watched that, it Ridunculous, well you`ll all understand when I send copies out, when does school holidays end?? Cause Kirsty I found the Girls the most awesome movie to watch, after this the High School Musical Trilogy will pale into comparison :
That`s right kiddies, all the singing and dancing, but with added God, and none of the classy Disney production values that worry about things like wether most kids would rather stab themselves in the eye with a spoon(because it`ll hurt more - did everyone get the Robin Hood reference there) than watch this crap or not.

We did spend last night watching Twilight(Very Crappy version, Adele demanded I download it). Well After watching it and making stupid comments throughout I think Adele is nearly learning to ignore me. Now I wont pass judgement on this and what it missed in the whole established vampire genre just yet until I see it in perfect clarity and can then rip it to pieces objectively. We then watched the end of the Cricket, and spent an enjoyable half hour at the end trying to find Kim and Beth in the Crowd, alas we didn`t see them but we tried.

Well, i`m spent, time to watch some NCIS and Mentalist fresh from the USA, stuff you Australian TV, Fastracking means actually getting off your lazy butts and airing it quicker than I can download it.

Well I`m off Cya Later. Bye.