Monday, March 1, 2010

Lake George

On our way home from holiday, I sent tweet from the lookout at Lake George saying there was water in it. I received some replies saying that wasn`t much, now that was the best I could do with a camera phone at the time, but here is a couple of shots taken from our DSLR :

Note the wind turbines in the background, they are now fully operational.
1st pic taken with the standard 18-55mm lens, the 2nd with the bigger 55-200mm lens.

So thats a little bit better, I imagine the water has probably dried up by now, but thats the most water I`ve seen in Lake George for a long time. Bye.

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foxylady said...

When we first went to Canberra in. 1991 it was chockers. It stayed like that as they did roadworks around the Lake and slowly started diminishing in the mid to late '90s. Great shot with your you beaut camera. Btw. Is it still linked to a lake in NZ. That was what they used to say